Golden Section
Golden Section
and Human Body
Earth Frequency  7.83 Hz
3 spirals from 7.83 to 33 Hz
33 Hertz
Golden Section and Jesus
Jesus is Creator
Jesus and 111
33 to 111
111 Gateway
37 to Fsharp
Sonic Stone Levitation
Magic Square of the Sun - 111
Magic Square Levitation
Pyramid Crystal
Flow Chart of  .....
                  Earth Resonance to Pyramid Resonance to Human Resonance
Searle's Anti-Gravity Vechicle
Law of Squares.
Golden Section Design  in Human
Beauty is Golden Section
New Jerusalem
is Phi Pyramid
Architecture of the Universe
Lord's Temple Architecture
F sharp in King's
Chamber                  33 to 370 hz
Phi Pyramid Projection to Stars
Messianic Story written in Stars
Astronomy and the Stars
Phi.Light Speed and 33
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Human Flight
Human Pyramidal Levitation
Human Resonance
Pyramid Resonance