I had a dream that I was strolling in the midst of an orchard. It was huge, but half of it had been uprooted. The old trees had been
pulled out and then the soil had been plowed and turned over in preparation for the next planting. The branches had been cut off
and along with the trunks of these old trees a pile had been made and they were burned.

 But the remaining stumps were preserved and seemed to be used to warm the orchard owner’s house. It was a big farm
house, two stories tall, but very normal as I remember. It was set right in the middle of the orchard. I continued to stroll around,
and along the way, I met some people harvesting corn. But the corn ears were so large, they were so much larger than the ones we
are used too. The workers were actually binding these huge corn ears with apple roots. Yea…apple roots. Just wrapping the
roots around the corn as if to keep them together.

 The place was so peaceful, yet everybody was busy and alive. No one was standing around and it was all so clean. I couldnâ
€™t see any mess anywhere. Everything was in order and everything seemed to be organized as far as my eyes could see.

 One girl spotted me standing there, watching awestruck at the size of the corn. She asked me if I wanted to take some ‘homeâ
€™. I said “Yesâ€� But walking on with her, she said, she knew where I lived and would drop some off for me.’ How nice
I thought, but how did she know where I lived, for where did I live?’

 Anyway she went back to the harvesting, and I went walking through the orchard and farm once again. I came to some
grapevines, and picked three, two were purple and one was green. Strange …. and then I came upon a man selling corn. There was
a big truck beside him. But it was so large, I walked right under it. And turning back, there on the side of it, it says ‘CORN

  But I know its free for any and all. He doesn’t sell it, but gives it away. Maybe it’s a bait or a test? I don’t know,
but that’s what I saw.  I ventured on and soon somehow found myself in my own home cooking. It was like a log cabin or
something similar, very homey and comfortable. I had a sunken kitchen, surrounded by live plants. They were all so healthy and
strong and green.

 There was a beautiful skylight window above. But even though it was daytime and the sun was streaming through, it wasn’t
hot but cool to the skin. I was in the kitchen cooking but it wasn’t hot but cool and comfortable. I remember that distinctly.

 Anyway, I remember stirring my cabbage stew, when the landlord, the owner of the orchard came over to me. He gently took
the ladle from my hand, and started stirring it himself. I hesitated but he said,


 So almost in shock, I sat myself down and watched him,  â€¦..  continue stirring and cooking. He turned and smiled at me. How
happy he was and how comfortable he was cooking, as if he belonged there and it was his kitchen. But then it was, wasn’t it?

 He was so handsome with dark shoulder length hair, shining as if he had just put some oil on it. But I knew he hadn’t, yet it
shone so much. He was so well groomed. Gosh, he was just so handsome, so attractive to me

Dreams in the Forest  

Goddess Trixie
The Lord and the Orchard
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