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March 14, 2012

Container Vessel breaks after 3.5 Days

The question is, whether or not the Japanese earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Catastrophe is part of prophecy and part of
the prophecy timeline to the End. Because all things and all events are suppose to be orchestrated and allowed by the Lord
rather than any major events being random or by chance or accident or caused by so called natural events from Mother Nature.

The answer is, in my opinion, a resounding YES. It is definitely part of the cohesive comprehensive buildup to War in the Mid
East, the Covenant Signing and the Start of the Last 7 Years, simply because it follows the plan, the pattern, the ratio's of
judgment of all the Lord's PROPHECY. It is devastating and heart breaking, but it is from the Lord and so we better start
understanding this for even worse things are going to be happening.  we have to have our FAITH on SOLID GROUND.

The world will blame natural random events but we should not .. NOTHING happens by accident.

Gods Judgments     -       Lord is angry till Judgment Day      -      Mans Wrath

As mentioned previously, the 9.0 magnitude Japanese earthquake struck at 2:46 P.M. on March 11th, 2011, this is exactly 7
months after August 10th 2012, the theorized start and connecting link to all the scenario dates and events of the End Times.

August 10th 2010       -       April 22 2011

7 months is the exact duration of time needed to clean up the Earth from the Earthquake and Tsunami's after the 7th Vial, and
the Lord's destruction at the Battle of Armageddon.

And yet the nuclear plants in Japan, were not destroyed simply by the Earthquake or the Tsunami but the combination of their
effects culminating in the rupturing of the 2ND REACTOR with the breach or splitting or opening of the CONTAINER
VESSEL, exactly three and a half days later on Tuesday Morning.

Do the research and confirm this timing.

If you know your prophecy and you should, then all these past references to 3.5 days should be springing into your mind and
heart. For Jonah was swallowed by a whale and spit out of his containment vessel called the whale's stomach after three and a
half days. Jesus was in the grave and in the containment vessel of the tomb, for three and a half days, before He released
HIMSELF to the outer world. Our TWO WITNESSES will be lying DEAD on the steps of the 3rd Temple for exactly three
and a half days before the LORD releases them from their mutilated bodies and containment vessels to rise to HIM. And then
an EARTHQUAKE strikes and all others are released in the 1st RESSURRECTION. (SEE Revelation 11).

So the exact parallels are there for the breaking of the containment vessel after three and a half days. Can this nuclear nightmare
be stopped ? Can prophecy be changed and altered ? Can the timing be off ? NO.

Can we know the future and SEE the future, so we are prepared for the future. I would say YES. We are not blind like the
world but are the children of light, who will not be caught in darkness or in earthquakes or tsunami's or nuclear nightmares like
the upcoming nuclear war on America.

All things come around, all judgments are for a cause and a reason and under the control of the Lord. He either does them or
allows them to occur as part of HIS PLAN and DIRECTION.

Containment Vessel Breaks after 3.5 Days