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                                                         Casting a Sacred Circle

Creating a sacred space is not a new age ideal but a principle of prayer from the beginning. It is totally scripturial. The Lord
himself encouraging us to pray to Him in private, even if it be a closet, to get away from the distractions of this life. So creating a
sacred space by casting a circle is nothing more than drawing a line around you, into which you don't want any spirits to enter in
that are NOT of HIM. You can do this indoors or outdoors in His created Temple called 'Nature' The choice is yours, and the
words in prayer should be your choice as well ....... as you have to believe in your heart and mind for any prayer or any circle to be

For an excellent background resource on the subject of casting a sacred circle, do read RawnaMoon's excellent site at
http://members.aol.com/RawnaMoon/magick.html (as I do agreewith many of her words, although differing with others) so you
decide for yourself, what you personnally believe, and do proceed if you have FAITH or want to go beyond in your prayers and
concentration and focus to the LORD of LORDS ..
JESUS. For sonsider this excerpt of hers ...

""So we have a Theology of Suspicion. All the ideas and methods of the world are suspect. That's a delicate way of putting it. A
more blunt way is to say we have a Theology of Paranoia and Fear. The world is not a safe place. Behind all its wonders and
marvels is the power of Satan, the great deceiver. To their thinking the greatest deceptions of Satan are in the world of the occult.
To this mindset the occult is a dangerous world of trafficking with demons. It means simply working esoteric means to contact
demons to gain demonic power. For people who buy into this way of thinking about the occult it is simply too obvious that using
occultic methods will entangle one in demonic deception. But is that what the term actually means? The origin of the term "occult"
comes from a Latin phrase ob celare, which literally meant "towards the hidden". The idea was that certain knowledge and
understanding was not common and open, but hidden and secret. Not secret in the sense that it was kept from people, but secret in
the sense that, unless one sought it out, one would not find it and know it. In other words those who turned towards the hidden
could find this knowledge, study it, learn it and master it, but only those who turned towards it. We may not use the term in quite
that way today. If we did we would have to say that most of the knowledge in our world is occultic. Doctors of medicine have an
occult knowledge the rest of us never sought. Lawyers also have their own occult knowledge, as do Engineers, Scientists,
Theologians, Pharmacists, and anyone else we would call an "expert"".

""We tend to think of our own personal space as a circle, which only makes sense since the area that one can reach without moving
actually is a circle. Also space in general seems to be defined by circles. The earth appears to be a circle for the horizon is the
defining circle of its space. The Sun and the Moon are circles and move in circles. (We now know they are actually ellipses, but
these are so close to true circles that only scientific measurement tells us otherwise.) We often do not build in circles but in squares
and rectangles. But when out in nature and claiming an area as our space we revert to circles. The idea of a circle around the
campfire is so natural we never question it. Thus it is just human nature to think of a certain space in terms of a circle, especially if
the space is a temporary one created just for a brief period of time. Even if one doesn't draw a circle in the ground one would still
tend to create a circle just by claiming a certain area as a sacred space . When one wishes to commune with the Divine in Nature it
is very helpful to do so out in Nature, to claim a bit of the earth as a safe place to experience the sacred. In doing this the space is
set aside by the worshipper, even if the worshipper doesn't do this formally. The intent of the communer sets aside the circle"".

And on and on RawnaMoon further explains, 'how to cast a sacred circle' and WHY, because this circle is for our protection from
outside disturbances and distractions and spirits. It can simply be done by walking around a circle or drawing a circle in a room or
outdoors with a rod....and once it is established.... we have created a sacred space for prayer.

But for my addition to this mystery of prayer that can be useful for us Christians that believe prayer can be magical and can cause
change when we pray to the Lord of miracles, can I suggest that there has to be a reason why this sacred circle is usually described
as being nine feet in diamter. For when you read further from different sources, the circle always seems to be close to nine feet as
the optimum diameter. Why is it always said that a sacred circle extends only nine feet out. Well, in my opinion, it is because the
Lord's 'Physics and His Laws' that must dictate that this is the diameter of our personal space and the area of maximum spiritual
protection. Consider Diagram Below .....

For also consider the co-relation with his cubic measure.... as nine feet is 6 cubits....making the radius 3 cubits. So if you make a
3-4-5 cubit triangle, the sacred Pythagorian triangle that creates the perfect 12 knotted, 90 degree angle that the Egyptians knew
about, notice that its height would be 4 cubits or six feet, and the hypotenus would be 5 cubits. And this all fits perfectly into the
Holy of Holies.....  a six foot four inch man, with a pineal level of 6 feet, a heart level of 3 cubits or 4.5 feet, and a shoulder level of
5 feet SEE
Vitrium Man in the Holy of Holies And hence with a five foot rod, of shoulder height, then using it to etch out a circle
would make a nine foot cicle with him at the center. Try this yourself and see how close you come using a five foot wooden rod.
This interesting because if our sacred circle incorporates a Hexagonal Star of David, as etched into the floors of both Rosslyn and
Chartres (Notre Dame)  then we have a flaming blue pentagon (Via the
Banishing Pentagram article see also the 'Pendulum') above
the six making an
11. And above our heads would be the Lord's SPIRIT and with Him in our circle, we could more easily hear from
Him and learn from Him and pray to Him.


David Jay Jordan