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                        The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

The dark side has to protect itself from the evil forces that attack it when they go into prayer for their evil needs. They have to use a
circle of protection to keep away evil forces and hence the only way to do this is through the useage of the Lord's Names. Hence
they study and attempt to use the Lord's power in frightening the demonic forces into compliance to their nefarious goals. They
establish their circles of protection and go through the motions of prayer, but it is not from the heart because they know NOT the
Lord and are not going in accordance to "His Will of LOVE and LIFE". Their only desire is to manipulate these evil forces for their
own benefit, and sometimes they succeed and other times, they get possessed or tricked out of their very souls. SEE
Why the dark
side studies the Lord's Names'.

Nevertheless, the truths about having a sacred area for prayer and creating a scared circle for protection remains TRUE. We that
know the Lord do this automatically when we are still in spirit and pray in sincerity to the King of Kings -
JESUS. There is
absolutely nothing evil about a circle. It is just a boundary we establish, by the Lord's Spirit within us, to keep us safe and
concentrated while we pray. We can't be afraid and fearfull just because the dam dark side has stolen these truths from us and tried
to use them for their own evil purposes. We can in solidarity or as a group form a circle by holding hands and having a PRAYER
CIRCLE. And even if we are outdoors in the Lord's Creation rather than in a man-made shelter or temple, it makes absolutely no

We absolutely know we are not praying to an angel, or a demon or any other minor spiritual force, but focus ONLY on the Lord of
Lords and His MAJESTY. We ONLY have His FEAR and RESPECT and LOVE in our hearts, and desperately want to connect up
with Him. We are NOT playing games for pleasure sake or for show, but to honour and worship our KING. So what could be
wrong with that ? The church people pray in lines and sometimes if more intimate in circles, so why not us. And WHY not
according to more truth, according to the plan and way the Lord wants us to approach HIS THRONE.

So don't even think of labeling this ceremony or ritual as 'evil' just because the dam evil dark side has stolen it for their purposes, as
it was originally intended for us. We have to banish evil influences and spirits before we pray to our Lord.   My comments will be in
...(...) This excerpt is from From http://www.digital-brilliance.com/kab/faq.htm


1. Stand facing East. (Why East because all sacred temples, including the Tabernacle of the Lord faced East, to let His Morning Light
of the Sun, enter in. (SEE
Sacred Architecture and Sex)
2. Touch forehead with first two (or index) fingers of right hand and visualizing a sphere of white light at that point, vibrate:
Atah       (This translates from Hebrew, the Lord's language into roughly , THOU ART (as we address Jehovah, YHWH, Jesus, and
ONLY HIM irregardless of which language you speak or which Name you use. Your heart and love to Him is what is important)
3. Lower hand to solar plexus and visualize a line extending down to your feet, vibrate: Malkuth, meaning the KINGDOM (as the
bottom Sphere of the Tree of Life is the Lord's Kingdom here, on Earth. The
Tree of Life representing our divine BODY that stands
upon His Earth.WE having three pillars, a right and left side with the middle spheres down the center to the EARTH- KINGDOM)
4. Raise hand and touch right shoulder visualizing a sphere of light there. Vibrate: Ve Geburah, meaning the power (as that is the
Name of the 5th Sphere.... Geburah. See also
Heart and Voice Connection when vibrating these words, as we have to meant it and
KNOW its truth and the words are just Hebrew words rather than English words...as all we have said so far is 'Thou are the
kingdom' and used hand signs to show its relationship to our divine body, which is the Lord's Temple)
5. Extend the hand across the chest tracing a line of light and touch the left shoulder where another sphere of light forms. Then
Vibrate: Ve  Gedulah which means the GLORY).
6. Clasp hands in center of chest at crossing point of horizontal and vertical lines of light. Bow head and vibrate: Le Olam, Amen.
which means just FOREVER - AMEN or so be it.

((Is this Christian, Yes, as we are just ceremonially saying that the 'Lord of Lords is the Kingdom, and the Power and the Glory,
Forever and ever Amen', the same wording as Jesus used in Mathew 6: 13  "And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from
evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen." The first part of His prayer being a banishing of evil
from our praise to HIM, as we acknowledge that HE is the KINGDOM and GLORY and POWER, FOREVER and EVER, AMEN.
But we don;t have to be in a church building to pray this, for the Lord taught us that we are the 'temple that is made without hands',
so that we can access Him and His Spirit anywhere, if we create the proper atmsophere of respect in our hearts. We are the temple
of God, and by cleansing it in prayer we can speak with Him and He with us. Amen !!))

Facing East, using either the extended fingers or a dagger, trace a large pentagram with the point up, starting at your left hip, up to
just above your forehead, centered on your body, then down to your right hip, up and to your left shoulder, across to the right
shoulder and down to the starting point in front of your left hip. ((Again facing East, facing His risen Light of the dawn, whatever
time it may be. And we can use an upright pentagram, because it symbolises that 'spirit is stronger than matter' rather than the
reverse SEE
Pentagram of Healing. And within a pentagram is the PHI ratio of Beauty, that is also contained in our Body because it
is the Lord''s Template of Life. There is nothing wrong with a prayer circle or a pentagram if the Lord is in the center of it and the
pentagram is upright))

Visualize the Pentagram in blue flaming light. Stab you fingers or dagger into the center and vibrate: YHVH  Yod-he-vau-he - ((These
being the Hebrew Letters of the Name of the Lord,  the tetragrammaton translated into Latin as Jehovah. Nothing wrong about
saying the letters of His Name. Right ? Right !! ... A Blue faming Light being created because that is the colour of the Lord's Light
when upon us, that's just His physics)

Turn to the South. Visualize that the blue flame follows you fingers or dagger, tracing a blue line from the east Pentagram to the
south. Repeat step three while facing South, except vibrate: ADONAI , ((which is another Name for God translated as Lord))
Turn to the West, tracing the blue flame from south to west. Repeat step 3, but vibrate: Eheieh, ((Eh-hay-yeah more or less -
another name of God translated as I AM or I AM THAT I AM, straight from the Old testament again... as the Lord is the GREAT
I AM))
Turn to the North, again tracing the blue flame from west to north. Repeat step 3, but vibrate: AGLA ,Ah-gah-lah - a composite of
Atah Gibor le olam Amen - see step 2 (Are these Names of the Lord, evil NO, they are probably just different Names you probably
never knew existed previously, but they refer ONLY to the King of Kings (Jesus) and His Sacred Names...

Return again to the East, tracing the blue flame from North to East. Stab the fingers or dagger back again into the same spot as in step

You should now visualize that you are surrounded by four flaming pentagrams connected by a line of blue fire.
Extend your arms out to your sides, forming a cross. Vibrate ''  each Archangel's Name  standing guard at each station (or direction
around your prayer circle) and vibrate

Before me RAPHAEL (rah-fah-yell)
Behind me GABRIEL (gah-bree-ell)
On my right hand, MICHAEL (mee-khah-ell)
On my left hand, AURIEL (sometimes URIEL aw-ree-ell or ooh-ree-ell) for about me flames the Pentagrams, and in the column
stands the six-rayed star. (Alternatively the last two lines can be: before me flames the pentagram, behind me shines the six-rayed
star) . As can be seen, Raphael is in the East, Gabriel in the West, Michael in the South and Auriel/Uriel in the North.

This NOT meaning you worship these angels of the Lord, only that you are NOW surrounded and protected by the Angels of the
LORD, so that you can communicate straight to HIM

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