We were on this long journey walking by foot along this path towards the northwest. Our small band was carrying almost
nothing, with me being in the back. We came to this clearing, where around it was newly planted young trees. As we crossed, I saw
a huge bear and pack of wild boars coming across our path heading south.

They looked ferocious, as their path was going to cross mine. I ran, yelling to the others, and
screaming out …JESUS, , JESUS, JESUS !!! ….. with all my might. I made it to this small tree with a Y shaped trunk, and
climbed up as far as I could. But it was such a small tree, and it didn’t get me off the ground far. I was sitting up in it with my
feet dangling precariously low. I knew any bear could easily shake me down or bring me down by my tangling legs and bum. And
any boar could easily rip me up. I was so scared, and then, when looked down, expecting to see them at my heels.

But NO, there was the Lord beneath me smiling. He had on a hooded cloak. He was bearded and looked just like I had seen him in
the past (SEE  
Face of Jesus and Lord and the Orchard )

He was so handsome and yet not muscular or overly tall….just normal and with this big grin on his face, as He smiled up at me.

He said, ‘You called ?’ I said to him, ‘Yes I did !!! Now don’t you laugh at me.’ I warned Him as I could see He
was about to break out in laughter, that rascal. I almost called him a ‘niny’. He was so calm and yet thought me being in
this tree, positioned like that, must have been so amazing to Him. There was no danger, and yet He had come, cause I called. He
had such a big grin on His face.

The bear and boar must have just been on a journey themselves, just heading down the pathway the Lord had put in their hearts.
They were just no where to be seen. And yet there was me, hanging precariously in my little tree.

Jesus had such a sense of humor, and was such a tease. He helped me down, and then walked with me to join up with the others.
He sat with us a while as I and everyone else planned our next day’s journey along the pathway. But I’m not sure if the
others recognized that He was the Lord. But He was with us and then just disappeared, as we ventured on. (Dream ended)
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