David Jay Jordan

                                  Death Demons Testimony

Allow me to post the real life testimony and death about a friend. It's truly sad, yet surely there is a message to be

He had a rough childhood, but wasn't really that bad a person. He had moments of real kindness and caring.
Nevertheless he always rejected the Lord and any minor witnessing I tried to direct towards him, he was always
absolutely opposed to Jesus. Oh well, I thought, maybe in time, me or someone else, or the Lord would get through
to him

Anyway, in his older years, a cancer came on him really, quickly and even before I could reach him in another
attempt at witnessing the Lord's Love, he was already in the intensice care unit of the hospital. I had a small
testament of the Book of John in hand, and arrived at his bed-side, but he was mentally already gone, and cranky
and demanding as ever. The pain and imminent closure of his life  hadn't made him humble but even more
cantankerous. He barely recognized me nor others, but as I was told, he kept seeing dark foreboding demons circling
his bed. He kept demanding that they be taken away. But they wouldn't leave. He was terrified but there was
absolutely nothing the nurses or doctors or anyone could do about what they called dementia and illusions. They
wouldn’t go away, no matter how much he complained about them. It was too late.

He died a few days later...and it was obvious, the death angels or the demons were there to collect their own just like
in the movie "GHOST". I hope it isn’t so, and maybe there’s another chance for him. But I'd heard these
testimonies from others before, even non-believeing doctors, and here it had happenned to someone so close to me.

For at  death, many times, it seems either the departing ones see either angels, or past relatives, or demons. It’s
not an illusion, but a personal escort to the co-existant spiritual realm where all of us must travel some day. Yet so
few of us are prepared for that day. My friend wasn't prepared to go. Fought it at death, but there was nothing he
could do about it at that late stage. No man is promised tommorrow, and his time was up.

It was so sad, and it’s sad that so  many are hardened to listening about the next life while healthy. and maybe
even sadder that many people won't even accept the Lord on their death beds. WHY, because it may be too late and
their hearts may already have hardened so much they just can’t receive the Lord’s truths. Maybe that’s
why Jesus has told us, Today, is the day of
Salvation. Why because no-one is promised tomorrow. Our time or their
time may be up, so let’s do what we can while we have the light of His

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