David Jay Jordan's

Yahwehs Numbers and Breast Plate

Because the Torah like the rest of the Bible was written under the inspiration of God, it has to be remembered that it was
written in an alphanumeric language. Hebrew, like Greek has numeric values associated with each of its letters. This isn't
new age mysticism but an old age truth.

Yahweh's sacred and intimate name of YHWH, or Yod-He-Vau-He numerically adds up 10+5+6+5 = 26. In its sacred
triangular or trinity form of unfoldment, it adds up to the GREAT Number 72. Therefore by studying the numbers created
even in the very first sentence of Genesis and through-out the Bible, a person with an open mind has to be truly amazed at
the multiples, correlations and balance of the numbered words. As said before, knowing such truths gives faith even to
someone who might have started out as a skeptic. Numbers don't lie, and can give a solid foundation of not just belief but
knowing the truth, so as to set you free as well as others. If interested check out gematria, or in other words geometry, via
an internet search. Even try http://ortk.org/gematria.htm. This site is a little complicated and advanced whereas the simple
facts I will be getting at is there.

And because this web-site is Old Testament oriented, and under the impression that Yahweh is going to miraculously
convert All Israel, you might be interested in learning this concept as a witnessing tool so as to mentally lead even a
skeptic Jewish person into realizing that the name of Jesus Christ was written on the BREASTPLATE of the High Priest.

It's true you could show them
Daniel 9 and the numbers and Time Line that show the true Messiah had to die in 30A.D.
which is the year of Jesus's crucifixion, but let's look even further into the Torah into Exodus 28:17-20, From the
above-mentioned web-site, Page 4. You'll notice the names and corresponding numbers associated with each tribal name.

Dan is 54, Asher 501, Issachar 830 and Zebulon 95, they add up to 1480. While the last three Ephraim 331, Manasseh
395 and Benjamin 162 add up to 888. Then when you consider that Jesus Christ in Greek , Isesous Xristos, yields a value
of exactly the same numbers 1480 and 888. You get an exact correlation between Greek and Hebrew. And because with
your basic study of the truths of the Genesis numbers, you soon realize, rationally and logically that the name of Jesus
Christ was written right on the BreastPlate of the Priesthood, because He was the High Priest.

The more you study Yahweh's number of 26 and his great Number 72, with the correlation with Jesus full number of
3168, when the word Lord(Kurios in Greek)is added before his sacred Name, the more your mind and heart will start to
connect up truths of his Creation and how all his creation unfolded. The Lord truly can boggle your mind with his
amazing balance, consistency, and exactness even within his revealed mysteries.

So if you might want to gain faith, so as to be beyond the up's and downs of religious feeling, emotions, social
acceptability etc. etc. If you may want to get beyond mere hope check out the Lord's numbers. They are true everyday and
can even persuade any open-minded, show me and I'll believe, skeptic, even those of Jewish heritage.

True science and true math, always leads to true religion and the ultimate Creation by Yahweh or the Lord of Lords. IMO
What do you reckon?

Shalom in His Mathematical Name

David Jay Jordan

For advanced mathematics on this SEE Pentagrammaton and 444