Wounded Angels

We were in this beautiful valley, so green and lush, such  a paradise. But all around our house on the mountains, it had been totally
burnt. The trees were mere embers and in ashes. It was such desolation. We had this large house that faced East, and on that side
we had a porch covered by a wooden frame. Onto this grew this climbing, clinging vine that extended up from its roots and over to
our porch, where it wrapped itself all around.  It was the '
same vine' I had seen in my Vine over the Gap Dream. It had big
lavender flowers and had such a distinct fragrance. And it was the same vine that my aunt in the Philippines had, to protect their
house from demonic attacks and influences.

I looked over to the Northeast and saw two angels carrying two other angels under their left arms. They were all dressed in white
robes, but the angels that were being carried by the other two, were limp and obviously injured. The two flying angels with their
right hands were holding up a torch projecting flames, just as if the torch gave them the power to fly…. for neither of them had

They flew under and between the vine and the porch. The first one without saying anything to me, just went right through, and onto
the stable where he left the injured angel. The other strong angel, stopped for a second and gave me his torch, as he then
proceeded to drop off his wounded angel in the stable as well. Somehow, I just knew they were all soldiers for the Lord and had
been in a big battle. The didn’t say anything but just sort of knew that their fellow injured angels would be taken care of here.

I inspected the torch. It seemed to be silver and about 12 inches before it opened up into a trumpet-type end, from which the flame
had come. But I was a little annoyed that it seemed to be diminishing, and yet I kept it with me and carried it, because I was sure
my faith would keep it burning.

The flying angels had taken off though, and I was upset that they didn’t tell me where they were going, or what happened. So I
headed for the surrounding mountains, trying to find where the battle was taking place. I wanted to be part of it. Where were they
fighting, as I figured I could help.

I mean, the angels were so tired from carrying their wounded and had to return so quickly. They were exhausted, so surely I could
help them fight the evil ones. But no, no matter where I looked I just couldn’t find anything in the mountains. It was blackened
from fire, and lifeless. Finally I saw this large lake, and descended down to its shores. And looking out into it, there was a thick
mist partially covering this island. I could see it, but just barely, and then came along these two girls.

But they weren’t frightened and seemed so normal and unaffected by all that was surrounding them.. I asked them, ‘Where
are you going?� They responded, “To the island� And strangely they then entered the water and went behind a large rock
and put one hand into the water.

I asked, “What are you doing�. They didn’t say, but just went on with their right hand in the water. And so I just started
copying them, and bent over and put my hand also in the water. After a while they brought it out, and they were holding this fully
formed beautiful doll. They didn’t make it or form it, they just each had one. And then they started walking on the water
towards the island.

I said, “Wait a minute, what about me, I’m coming, and mine isn’t formed yet.� The girl turned and said. “Well,
your mission is not over yet.� I said, ‘What mission, tell me !!�

She said, “You will know, you’ll find out !â€�  I am getting mad by now, as they are going further and further away from
me. And so I keep yelling at them, “Tell me, Tell me !!�. But it was too late they were gone … and into the mist. And I was so
upset with them. I so wanted to go to the battlefront, and these girls had got me off onto this tangent wanting to go to the island, and
then didn’t tell me what my mission was, what I was suppose to do before I could also go to the island. It was so frustrating.

I wanted to find the battle so I could help the angels, or help them bring back more of the wounded, but it seemed the battle was just
too far away. I could smell the smoke of the recent battle and could see sparks on the horizon, but just couldn’t make it to the
frontlines. And then I had left my home, and the wounded angels when I should have been back there taking care of them. My
curiosity had taken me away from what I should have been doing. And so I was mad at myself  â€¦ and so I headed back home
knowing I had to tend to the wounded., but still thinking to myself, “What is my mission?�. “Why didn’t they tellme? If
they would have, I could work at it, and get started on it? But No, they didn’t say…so “What is my Mission?�
                                                                                                           Spring 2000


And now whenever I remember and relive this dream, I now realize my 'Mission' is just to say 'humbly doing what I am suppose to
do now, and just take care of the wounded and the poor and the injured with whatever the Lord supplies.  And then when my time
comes, maybe if the Lord allows it, I can help  at the frontlines, or even fight on the frontlines during the times of trouble ahead.
We shall fight and die) And then all of us together can walk or fly to the island, and to the Lord's house, when we have
accomplished our Mission here on Earth.  ..........................................    

    Love Trixie
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