David Jay Jordan
World History
World History Numeric Design
Last 7
Seventy Years
of  Moses & David
of  Daniel
6000 Years
Flood One Day
after Creation
  World History was not at random nor were its dates in history. The Lord who created the world also had a plan and design for
the events that have happened on Earth, and shall culminate them according to His Pre-planned
Prophecy exactly according to
His SCHEDULE. As in the past, so HERE on Earth in the future. The past design giving us more FAITH for the events still to
unfold until His Second Coming and His Millenium.

   For the Lord Himself created TIME when He set in motion the Sun, and Earth in its revolution and rotations. (Genesis 1)
And when you understand that the Lord also made their
DISTANCES in ratio to each other and with His other heavenly bodies
including our own, then it makes it easier for any true searcher to find out that SPEEDS are also set by HIM accordingly.
Light Speed and Phi). For when light speed is passed, then we get into ETERNITY, where the Lord says, 'There will be
time no more.'

   But for now, before He creates a New Heaven and Earth (Revelation  21:1), the Lord has determined that the Earth shall exist
'Thousand Year Division' having importance and exact co-relations with events HERE on
Earth. For after He created the WORLD and the Universe in 7 Days in 4004 B.C., Jesus didn't come physically to Earth until 4.
B.C, exactly 4000 years after Adam and Eve. And He won;t recreate a NEW Heaven and Earth until after the 7,000 years are up.
Hence over and over again, the Lord uses a pattern of SEVEN and SEVENTY, the virgin number for His Virgin Army of
144,000, the Number of Years of
David and Moses. He has seven candlesticks, seven archangels, seven trumpets, seven vials,
seven one thousand year spans, from the original exact seven
DAYS of Creation.  And we all know how long a DAY is, because
it has never changed  ...24 hours.

   Therefore as more confirmation of how the Lord designed History to fit in with His original timing of ONE DAY SPANS, let's
look at a full days worth of seconds. How many seconds in a day...86,400. And so with that number, lets check out how many
weeks after Creation that would bring the world to... and we find out it brings us exactly to the Great World Wide Flood.
Why, because 86,400 weeks is 1656 years, and 1656 years after 4004 B.C. is 2348 B.C. But you might say, coincidence or
number manipulation. Fine, then do it one more time, take another day' seconds number of weeks and find out when the next day
ends on the timeline of world history ...... 686 B.C.... the year the good King Hezekiah died and the flood of ungodly rulers
flooded the Earth.

Still not convinced, then go from the other end of the six thousand year history of the Earth, and subtract 1656 years fromm
1997 and what do you get.... 341. A.D. and the time when the
Christian Forefathers formed the basic CANON of Christian
Scriptures. The odds of all these dates fitting perfectly on such a timeline exactly are astronomical. And sure you might be used
to seeing Old Testament somehow fitting together, but New Testament CHRISTIAN DATES and EVENTS might be new to
you. But why not, Jesus the Messiah of ALL Ages is working through us Christians Now and not the Jews, so Christian dates
had to be on the time line and they are. (SEE
Christos Angle and  Flood of the Lord's Words with King James Leap of Faith
Dating and our End Time Timeline.)

So do study  history from a DESIGN perspective and notice how the Lord has it all planned. Its called the 'Direction of Time' as
entrophy dictates that everything must wear out until the Lord makes everything NEW again.... in His TIME.
Ours is not to change it but simply choose to be on the RIGHT SIDE of what HE IS DOING and WHEN.


For whether it is the Geographical Design of the earth or whether it be His Biological Design of life on Earth or His Scientific
Design of His elements and Universe, or whether it be His TIME DESIGN, nothing is by chance or at random, everything is by
DESIGN. All we have to do is see the facts and see the Hand of the Lord in what He has created and DESIGNED

If you don't see it, study some more until you do. And if you never do, its because you don't want to think that the Lord is in
control of History and the FUTURE of PROPHECY. But HE IS !!!

In His Design