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#1 Mar 28, 2018

 The creation of new life is the greatest miracle of all miracles. Matter of fact, this creative process the Lord allows and wants us to be part of, as that was and IS the first
COMMANDMENT... Be fruitful and multiply, we can not create but we can recreate through sex, and pass on the life we have via coupling in love with another.
There is no more proof needed than the timing of the womans pregancy and corresponding events within,….....to the holy day festivals of the Lord in His calendar year. Complain
all you want, but the ultimate proof and exact timing is present and real, and creates...as well as confirming prophecy and past and future dates.

The design of time is called prophecy, for as with speeds, distances, and structure ratios etc (Golden Section) its there to be known and studied . Its not a secret, for even the
secret things of the Lord and Life (in the Womb) can be known by anyone that wants to know the truth and truths and connect up all things together. So at Easter do study the
WOMANS Prophetic timeline and note the event co-relation with HOLY DAYS. Note, the Equinox timing, crop maturation timing, harvest timing (Day of Atonement-
Revelation) and the birth timing at Christmas.... its all exact, created by an exact creative God (Jesus)

The timeline wont..... paste on HERE, so see


This however is not my timeline, but from a website online, that has now gone offline and disappeared. Nevertheless their truths and timing remains, as it was created by the
Creator.. and His Holy Days or holidays, were meant to celebrate life and the life-giver.

#2 Mar 28, 2018

  I understand, your lack of comment, evolutionists, because you have never studied life and the facts of life in the womb. You have no idea, how life develops and its timing and
cant allow yourself to study and learn how this relates EXACTLY to the HOLY DAY FESTIVALS OF LIFE, that the Lord asked his people to follow. Timing and time is by
design, and so of course, the timing of a new soul in a new body, had to be timed to the SUN, MOON and the heavenly cycles. Its not forced upon the calendar, but has always
been there. And you shallow evolutionists, atheists, and others will not dare study it, and discern it. Just these truths alone, destroy your theory and foolishness.

Happy Easter, when life rose anew.... and He was born on December 25th.  Search and study, for the timing is true

#6 Mar 28, 2018

Here anew is the graphic timeline, that the evolutionists are so afraid of. Exact maturation of a zygote into a living breathing baby, all straight from conception. Oh they hate
conception as well, as starting life at conception is one of their hated foes, as they want to state that life does not start at conception.Hence their religion or lack of religion is what
determines their science... or lets say LACK OF SCIENCE.

They don't know biology, genetics, and don't know life, sexuality, or time for maturation, as they are not mature and havent progressed since adopting their foolish doctrine that
leads them into all kinds of folly and vile.

#8 Mar 28, 2018

 These truths are mathematical truths which is why you cant comprehend them and are so afraid of them. Its absolute proof once again, that the Creator of life is the Creator also
of our women's birth cycle, and its all corresponds exactly to the Almighty Lord's Holy Days which also are aligned to seed, maturation and harvesting according to the Moons
Phases, as He also created its timing, and the solar timing of years.

Evolutionists are gutless cowards and insincere and blinded. They have no math, they have no morals, and they are not scientists. The truth sets you free because it is mathematical
and it is understandable, and it does co-relate all things and all creation and design together.

#10 Mar 29, 2018

As mentioned, almost all evolutionists refuse to debate or answer questions, let alone study and research. *********. So lets further cement the truths of life, and the timelines of
life. Holy days are lunar, based on the lunar cycle. Its called a fact, a truth. The moons phases do influence growth, which is why the Lord says count the days between harvests.

Counting the Omer


Why is this important because the Lord also created the harvest or maturation of the crop to coincide with HIS TIMING. It is not by chance but by design. The evolutionists have
to deny this, but then again they aren;t farmers and are not dependent on crop harvests... but real farmers, in the real world dont force planting nor harvesting, but do go by the
moon, and it s influences.. Similar to women and the influences of the moon on them via their pineal gland.

Of course again, evolutionists would deny this, as they say the Moon has no effect on anything..... probably even the tides because evolutionists are so stupid and ignorant about
all things and all connections.


Creation wins because it adds truths to more truths and helps people see the design of all things together.

#17 Apr 4, 2018

     The TOPIC, I repeat for stupid evolutionists is a biological one, that demands a biological answer, which means you have to know some biology, or be a woman and know
your cycle, or be a husband and have realised the body changes within new life. Im so fed up with ignorant evolutionists who refuse to face facts, and PROOFS. Thats why these
threads are only for the undecided who never get any truths of design from any other institution of worldly false science.

True science shows design and absolutely proves design and a design giver. You stupid evolutionists are truly only Bachelor of Art linguistic and semantic evaders. No wonder
you cant debate, because you refuse to learn or know biology. I shall label you stupid, evasive etc... continually until you face the topic and the time frames, of new life ...... stupid
evolutionists of a dumber than dumb theory.

#20 Apr 4, 2018

Don't any evolutionists know the development of the fetus in the womb..... surely one evolutionist has studied life, rather than make believe.... how in hell do they ever get a
degree let alone a Masters Degree because of their theories. If you do not respond, I shall humble and humiliate you further with more evidences on the design of time. For now,
look again at the start and ends.. equinox, solstices, and final delivery date in December...Compare with the womans timetable, study holy days and the cycles of the sun, and
moon, and we shall continue..Or at least know a womans timetable within.... know some biology you stupid evolutionists.


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