Paul's words do not always match up with what the Lord said and did. So I would suggest very very careful discernment when
reading from the Epistles, or trying to use the Epistles as the automatic WORD OF GOD.

When you read .....
Ephesians 5:24
Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.

This is Paul preaching and teaching a patriarchal bias of the superiority of men over women. With the advent of CHRIST and
his teaching and life style that absolutely elevated women with equality to men..... marriage is not a one sided dictatorial
relationship where the man rules and the woman follows. It is suppose to be an equal union of male and female, two
individuals working as one, two arcs that make a perfect vesica pisces..... TWO EQUALS, that's love..... thats a heavenly

We as the Bride of Christ do not automatically and mindlessly just submit, but we work it out and agree together on all things.
Usually He is right as He is completely submitted to love, but if it is a secondary issue that matters not, He loves and wants
our opinion, and lets us decide and choose. For even in major issues, we still have to mentally ascend to what He thinks. Our
marriage with Him is not 'as the church submits to Christ. The worldly church does not submit to Christ in any way
whatsoever, except in name only as they use His Name CHRISTIANITY as their religious label.

This fallacy that faith is mindless is bogus and untrue. We learn to follow the Lord, rationally and logically through His
principles of Faith, His-story, experiences, and hearing from HIm and comparing the results of the past when we obeyed.
Following the Lord is not a mindless pursuit, not following the Lord is the mindless pursuit and obedience to propaganda
and the mind numbing fear that the world puts on people.

We are suppose to be intelligent, searching, and discerning people...a different people not mindless and dumb and

So I reckon, Paul was wrong again when he injected this Patriarchal domination verse into the so called BIBLE that includes
His EPISTLES. Women and men are suppose to work together for good in equality, and women are not suppose to just
automatically obey, that's sexism. The Lord was not a sexist or racist, He didn't and doesn't care about our gender or external
genitalia, they matter not. What matters to Him is our hearts and souls, and our decisions that we personally make. (SEE
Equality not Patriarchy ) He wants us to make the right decisions, but does not force us to make those decisions. We must
accept the responsibility as adults, in what we decide to do. He may lead but we must decide to follow or not, and know why ?
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