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Why F sharp
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It can be researched that F sharp was used to levitate stones.  ( SEE  Sonic Stone Levitation )   It can also be researched that inside the Lord's Great Pyramid at Giza, F sharp was used, and resonates.  (SEE  F Sharp Key to Kings Chamber  and  F sharp in Ark )

But the question is why ? Why is F sharp the frequency that has power ? How is it harmonic to the rest of the Lord's Creation ? How can sound be related to the Universe of light and light speed ? We know that the phi pyramid radiates to 3 dimensions
SEE Phi Pyramid projection of the stars )

And from the King's Chamber of the Lord, there are portals that aim straight towards various stars. But why ? ….. as this alignment, would involve light rather than mere sound.

So let's deduce WHY ? from the very center piece of the greatest archetype the ARK of the Covenant inside the WOMB of the Lord's Creation inside the Holy of Holies. This being the ultimate archetype of all HIS CREATION. For He spoke the WORD (sound ) and matter was created ! For the dimensions of the ARK of the Covenant were exactly the same as the dimensions inside the Sarcophagus of the King's Chamber and this for a REASON!!!!  
( SEE Giza saccophagus and Ark )

Exodus 25: 10 And they shall make an ark of shittim wood: two cubits and a half shall be the length thereof, and a cubit and a half the breadth thereof, and a cubit and a half the height thereof. So from these exact measurements, lets see what wavelengths fit perfectly into the size of these two ARK'S of the LORD.

Well first of all sound travels at different speeds in different temperatures.But amazingly the Giza Pyramid has the same exact temperature as the whole Earth's average temperature. It being 68 degrees F., 20 Degrees C., obviously having been set at CREATION. 
(SEE Creation versus Evolution )

But it was speculated that
111 is the Gateway to the spiritual realm …. Can this be proven, even more than we have proven it via the Lord's numbers ? And Yes, of course, the Magic Square of the SUN/SON adds up to 111 in all directions, so as to seem to have levitating powers as Searle showed .   (SEE  Magic Square of the Sun   and   Searles Anti Gravity Vechicle )

So let's take the second octave of 111 hertz, or 444 hertz, which I speculated at
27-28-29 Steps was the Break Through Frequency. (SEE  Pentagrammaton and 444.html )

For notice again, that the Gematria of the Lord's Pentagram equals 111, because letters have numerical value, and a summed word letter value can represent it's essense. It is spoken and has to materialize. Hmmm. Just as the
Vibrating Vowels of YHWH.
So sound and numbers seem also to resort back to creating matter and communicating with the Creator and the Creation. Hence, lets consider 444 hertz,as the raised base C frequency.
(SEE Music and Sacred Geometry. )

Therefore because by the Lord's Sacred Geometry, a F sharp is approximately 1.69 times greater than this base … it means the F sharp frequency would be 444 x 1.69 equals 750.36  And when we plug this frequency into a wavelength converter of sound frequency at 20 degrees Centigrade at …
http://www.sengpielaudio.com/calculator-wavelength.htm ….. It yields

750.22 hertz equals 18 inches (one cubit) wavelengths

Whoa.. we have convergence, as a cubit is the standard measure of the Lord. And this measure relates directly back to the most sacred measure us. We were designed by the Lord to be the ultimate creation because we are MADE IN HIS IMAGE.

( SEE myriad of proof postings and PHI Mysteries.)

A span being the span of a man's hand, a cubit being the measure from elbow to tip of finger, etc. etc….. all this combined inside the Holy of Holies or King's Chamber because a man under the right conditions could enter IN, and be empowered by the ALMIGHTY. So taking an upper and lower octave we find out the other harmonic wavelengths that also fit into the ARK or Sacrophagus.

F sharp is ....
375.11 hertz equals 36 inches
750.22 hertz equals 18 inches (one cubit) wavelengths

1500.44 hertz equals 9 inches wavelength equals
Ark was 27 inches by 27 inches by 45 inches

3 x 3 x 5 ratio or spans of nine inches

In other words, an F sharp of a C at 444 hertz fits perfectly into the ARK, and would resonate within it.

But how does this relate to light and light speed. Well light speed was set by the Lord not at random but by DESIGN as well.
( SEE Light Speed proves Gods DesignAs well as with PHI DESIGN of the Pyramid  ( SEE Speed of Light Phi 33 ) Speed being the measure of distance divided by time, because seconds are again not a random measure of time, but a pre-designed measure starting at the Creation of the earth and it being spun by the Lord's in its rotation around its axis. ( SEE Jesus is the Creator )

And as can be easily found out all distances, and ratios of heavenly bodies and our bodies are by DESIGN. This is basic Sacred Geometry and a `Given' once it has been studied by any true researcher.
( SEE Magic Ratios )

Consequently with distances being ratio'd, and time being sacredly portioned, then no wonder it is easy for us to confirm that sound and its speed and harmonics is also related to the greater WHOLE of ALL CREATION.

But let's check it out, How far does light travel in one billionth of a second ? It travels One Foot in one nonosecond. !!!
( SEE  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_of_light )

In a billionth of a second, light travels a foot, 12 inches, 2/3 of a cubit. It is exactly harmonic to the sacred measure of cubits, and to the Ark and to the Sarcophagus, and to music, and to F sharp, and to 'HARMONY'.


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