David Jay Jordan's

                    Who will you follow in the Tribulation ?

In the End-time, who are you going to follow, because you are not going to go through such Tribulation alone and by
yourself. Scripturally, the Lord shall gather us and lead us, via His Two Witnesses. This because the Lord's End-time
movement will consolidate the '
Forsaken' and outcasts of the LORD into a nation born in a day ( the day the A.C. claims
himself to be God ). So who are you going to follow?

Will you select a church pastor, a born again President,  or an internet guru. The choice is yours, but rest assured, you will
make a choice one way or the other. For even if you decide to fight the A.C. single-handedly, you will have to make choices
and decisions, alone and only according to your own personal
Faith.. For you and your family whether in a group or
church surely won't survive more than a month or so, living and working, and witnessing within the A.C. dastardly world
government. The A.C. will force you to decide. It's either take His MARK or die ? Straight forward and simple, and you
better not take his MARK !!!

If you understand that the Lord will not forsake us and leave us without leadership in the End Time, then what kind of
leadership will you follow ? It will have to be strong leadership, and that leadership will not be chosen by groupie group
consensus according to a popularity poll or voted on by the masses, unless that is what you are used to. So  if you like
playing it safe when it will cost you your life, so be it ... that's probably how you have decided almost everything before that
time anyway.

But my parameters for who I will be following will be extremely precise. I want to make sure who and what principles my
eternal soul and eternal life are going for. For if two candidates or witnesses, don't have the Power of Revelation's
Witnesses, then I say forget them. If they are con artists like most pastors, leaders, politicians, rabbi's and iman's, then forget
them. If they can't set the captives free literally, forget them. If they can't give sight to the blind, like Isaiah prophesied, of
what value are they? No more milk and toast, word manglers for me, even if they smile from one ear to another, with pre-
arranged questions and supposed answers.

And I for one, won't follow anyone that is a horrible physical example. But from scriptures, I am looking for a warrior
King Arthur or a Xena dictated by ancient prophecies from the Dead Sea Scrolls to ancient myths to Biblical prophets.
Because if they don't have it physically and can't lead us into battle like Gideon did, forget them. I want proof of their
spiritually and proof of their  physical strength in the real world or forget it.

If they don't have the literal ROD and
Staff of the Lord, what good are they? If they don't find the GRAIL, how are they
going to provide? If they don't recover the
Ark and the Tabernacle as stated by Maccabies, how in Heaven's Name, can they
call down the power of God for our protecton? For How can the Lord’s Spirit protect us and surround us, unless He
himself this time selects our leadership and we follow them ?

Our Zion, our Branches, our TWO  End-time prophets have to have '
Literal Fire' coming out of their mouths in the End-
time not just hot air. I want literal fulfillment not some promised dreamland or illusionary future empowerment. For I and
my Family are not going into the wilderness, with any Tom, Dick or Harry, Jane or Jennifer, even if they call themselves
'enlightened' and 'witnesses'.

If we only have one life to live, we better all carefully consider our future the next time around, and choose more carefully
as Indian Jones did. I personally wish we didn't have to group together, considering the oppression of the heartless on those
that have a heart, when groups form. But this time, it has to be different. This is the last time, this is the Lord's time. We will
absolutely have to be in a group to be protected as a group within the confines of the fold, in the '
Encampment of the Lord.'
Besides then, because of the life or death entrance ordeal (or test) the wolves will no longer have access into the fold under
the guise of sheep.

Only the
Lord's 144,000 will pass under the Shepherd's rod, and we won't be counting or taking stats. We won't be voting
for leaders and I for one won't be following unless the leaders or prophets have more than just damnable talk. If they can't
walk the walk into Jerusalem unafraid and blast the hell out of the A.C. and his cohorts, to hell with them. If they are
afraid of germs, and guns, and their shadows, and their own nightmares, forget them. ...If they are afraid of being '
devils' as Jesus was and said his followers would be called¦... Forget them.

The last two prophets are going to openly decry the evils of America even before the Tribulation, to give us advanced
warning of who they are. And their prophetic doom of America will happen, as Russia pulverizes them into dust that
ascends upwards to heaven. The two prophets aren't going to be afraid, and probably will be imprisonned like the apostles
were. So I'm not looking for any 'afraid of their own shadow or sun shine prophets or prophetesses', but the real thing
straight from the Lord with real proof of their ministry and literal POWER.

The END TIME will be much more cataclysmic and exciting and horrifying and righteously just than any other time in
the Lord's recorded History, rather than the slow death of procrastination and the agony of inaction and unbelief. We will
have to choose wisely and with absolute FAITH.

So if our two prophets aren't eventually able to call down FIRE upon our enemies from heaven, then we have sided with
the wrong leaders, and that will be our own fault. If our leaders aren't literally stronger than the A.C. and the false prophet,
then forget them, because our God and His prophets, His Branches, His Zion is stronger than the forces of evil. They are no
match for us.

This time around, the last time around, I want to choose the right shepherds and the right sheepfold. According to my
choice according to scriptures. Who will you follow ?
Prophecy Mysteries 3