Who made the Sun, Moon, and Earth Distances & Ratios ?

If the Universe and more specifically our Solar System came about randomly and by chance through an undirected chaotic
evolutionary "Big Bang" explosion, then there should be no rhyme or reason or ration"s involved in distances, and diameters,
speeds and times between heavenly bodies. But such is NOT the case.  So allow me to prove it, for even though this was
common knowledge among the - elite- secret mystery schools of the past, any searching seeking individual in the present can
find out these truths NOT of "Mother Nature" or "Mother Cosmos" but of our common CREATOR.

 So let"s start by realizing the basic relationship between the Earth and its only Moon. We know now that its generalized
diameter is 7920 miles, with the Moon"s diameter being 2160 miles. But in the "sacred geometry" known by the ancients,
these two distances were added together,  7920 + 2160 gives 10,080 miles. (The center of this distance being the perfect
manageable number according to Plato 5040. (7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1)). But wait a minute 10,080 is 1.272 times greater than
7920 and lo and behold 1.272 is the square root of  - phi - or the square root of the Golden Section , which is the "magical star

  Yet you might ask, "So what?" Well, the golden section is NOT  only the template of design of our own bodies (See Golden
Section class) but also the design principle involved in PYRAMIDS and the basic-building block of the Earth and computers,
CRYSTALS. “You mean, its all connected ?" That"s right !, there was only One Creator, One Common Designer, that is logic,
that’s math, and that"s scientific law.

 Slow down, many might say, "You can’t logically join up all of life and all the cosmos on two numbers." Well, they would be
right, but its Not two numbers but all numbers, all sizes and distances are exactly put in place for divine preciseness.   "What
distances, and even times and speeds are SACRED ?" Yes, of course they are for they are interrelated as distance equals time
multiplied by speed, etc. etc.  And the Key to all their inter-relationships is the “Path of the Beautiful” as the physicists call
it  and the lines and shapes of Beauty called the "Golden Section".

 For is it by chance that the MOON is 216,000 miles away from the Earth, 1/100th of its diameter size, and that the Moon"s
radiant angle in the sky is the same as the Sun"s, meaning from our point of view they are equal, even though different in actual
sizes. One being the greater or brighter light and the other being the "lesser light" (Genesis 1). Besides with this design, lunar
eclipses are possible, so that when the moon gets between the sun and the Earth, their circumferences match, and the Moon
radiates with the Sun"s rays.

 "Whoa - wait another minute, you are not saying this Creator person, put the Sun exactly in place or us exactly in place to
correlate our sizes, even to achieve eclipses, are you ?"  The answer is YES. For again it is no coincidence that the Sun is
93,000,000 miles away from us meaning it takes 500 seconds for light to reach us from there, or light 1000 seconds to reach
across our orbital diameter around it. Because light speed is the set standard of the material world for below it, everything in
the material world exists. Therefore as Einstein figured out and others have known intuitively, light has a "sacred speed" and
because we have already shown that there are sacred distances, and now a scared speed, then of course time is "sacred"
meaning every second of time.

 "But seconds are related to speeds are related to distances?" YES for similarly if you have studied Pyramids, especially the
Giza or Great Pyramid, you might realize that it also had a radius or height of 500 but this time in feet. (Correlate  = a year
British prophecy). And then when you realize that Giza with its golden capstone in place would with this height have a base
of 792 because of its golden section design, you get right back to the Earth's number of  792 x 10 = 7920.

 "O.K. b why is 792  a scared measurement you should logically ask?" Because the Lord"s reed or rod carried by the angel
was a furlong, and a furlong was 660 feet or 7920 inches, and when the  Lord eventually materializes "New Jerusalem - the
Crystal Pyramid Temple"  for the Universe  it is 12000 furlongs on its sides ( Revelations 21) or  (12,000 x 660 feet =)
7,920,000 feet. The common denominator is 792, a very special number for very special reasons and it all points back to the
Creator of the Universe…. even where he was born. For isn't the sum total or circumference of 792…3168 and wasn't the
Creator born on that exact latitude of 31.68 (Bethlehem"s exact latitude) in the exact year He was prophesied to be born.
(Daniel 9). (

 So now I have given away the clues as to the secret of who the Creator was, for it is verifiable by anyone that truly searches.
For He was much more than a man, but the Sun of Righteousness. The Creator had and has a very specific Name, and is called
the Lord of Lords and King of Kings and His Name is JESUS.

In His Scientific Truth


For further confirmations
SEE Solar Geometry.com
David Jay Jordan