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    Who built and designed the Pyramids

Of course, the Egyptians built the Pyramids, as the city of the builders has been found. But it wasn't done with just
straight blood, sweat and tears and through muscle power. There weren't millions of Hebrew slaves pulling the granite
blocks up the slopes of the Great Pyramid, as that myth has pretty well been dispelled. Sure the Hebrews were in essence,
slaves in a foreign land, working for the Pharaoh or being taxed by the Pharaoh, but it doesn't appear they were involved
in building the pyramids. This was done by the Egyptians themselves and it took decades to almost build the Great
Pyramid. Why do I say almost, because it doesn't appear that they ever capped their creation with a Capstone, as it seems
the Lord never allowed them too.

For the Pyramid design was definitely not thought up by the Egyptians themselves, it was heavenly information, divine in
origin. The Egyptians did not sit down and figure out such a unique design with such immense co-relations that they even
now haven't all been unraveled.. The Egyptians did NOT have an overview of the Earth, so that they knew its size and
relationships. This knowledge was from above and only the Lord and the angels, or fallen angels knew it. They weren't
alien beings, just spiritual beings, who understood the Lord's principles and design templates. (SEE
Stolen Information)  
For there is no way on earth, they would have known the physics and  
Math, Geography, and Science incorporated into the
Great Pyramid. It came from the LORD, as all knowledge comes from the Creator (SEE
Jesus is the Creator).

But let's prove it by being more specific, as taken from the '
Facts and Statistics of the Great Pyramid'


The Giza Pyramid is perfectly aligned north and south, more accurately so than any building on Earth. This of course was
not possible with Egyptian technology and there simplified 12 knot rope that made right angles, and not according to their
basic geometric knowledge.

The Giza Plateau location was absolutely perfect place for such a heavy structure, and it's 1/56 ratio of Africa and Africa
being 1/56 th of the Land mass of the Earth, just wasn't by coincidence, as the capstone being 1/56th of the area of the
pyramid just a coincidence. Why because the Egyptians didn't know the size of Africa, nor the size of the entire Earth,
only those that could travel above it could know these things, and they were spirit beings…angels. SEE
Capstone, Giza
Plateau and the 1/56th ratio


The Egyptians just didn't have the expertise to align their pyramids in accordance with the stars. Only those from above
pattern '
As above so below' ' On Earth as it is in Heaven ' could direct this symmetry and correspondence.

Only angels would know the exact size of the Earth and be able to indent the sides of the great Pyramid to exactly match
the curvature of the Earth. The Egyptians had not circled the earth, but their divine designers of their Pyramid had and did
and still are. For the ratio sizes of the Earth with all the moon is exactly consistent with the Phi design of the Pyramid
itself (SEE
Who made the distances - Magic Ratios - Phi Earth & Moon Graphics)

  And on and on, goes the facts that the Great Pyramid was not designed by Egyptians. They were obviously involved in the
building of it. But they didn't design such a masterpiece in their own wisdom. And it was definitely was not just a burial
chamber for a dead Pharaoh, but an initiation chamber that could attempt to transport humans from the physical into the
spiritual realm.

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