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                         We shall be called 'Devils' in the End-Time

I think it would make a world of difference if some would understand that we will not be called 'Christians' in the End-Time, but
devils, demons, perverted cultists, rebels, terrorists and worse. So if you want the praise of man, you better get out of true
Christainity no. Why ? Because if you have the Light, the majority will turn on you and yours when the days get darker.

In the LATTER DAYS, the worldly people who are either religious or non-religious both shall have to conform and choose the
Anti-Christ as their 'worldly saviour' to continue on in his One World Government. So they will ALL be saying thatthey have
chosen the right Messiah, and are the faithful ones and the enlightened ones, and all will have to follow because their Lord who
speaks so well, and looks so stately, and who works miracles and has the lineage and the background and who has defeated every
major nuclear power in the world ... He will is the Christ. For even the
Anti-Christ himself shall sit in the temple of Jerusalem and
say, He is God (2 Thessalonians 2) and the vast majority of the people of the world of all nationalities and all previous religions
of the world will believe Him. Why, mainly because they are of this world, (John 15: 19) and because they love this present life
and need their jobs and their worldly systems.  They won't understand what's going on, (Daniel 12) and won't want to. They will
think, 'Why buck it, why fight it, why die.' And they will take the
MARK, and like others will look to show their dedication to
the new Christ by turning in backsliders, apostates, perverts, and the deceived ones. Who are these new rebels us, and a few other
people worldwide that will not accept His damnable MARK and will not bow to his demands and his commands.

We will be called 'Baelzebub', exactly like Jesus said. For if they called Jesus, Baelzebah, HOW MUCH MORE US !!! For It is
enough for the disciple that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord. If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub,
how much more shall they call them of his household?  ( Mathew 10:25 )

So we have to get used to being called 'devils' we won't have the glorious title of Christians in the End-Time, we won't be dying as
'Christians'. even though we will be true Christians of the Lord of Lords. There won't be drunken mobs of new agers, who have
come in from their communes to persecute Christian people, as some imagine. And there won't be wild Islamics looking for blood
for their Madhi... No our persecutors in the End-Time will be composed of all nationalities and all religions and all walks of life,
because the Anti-Christ will unite them into ONE. And there will be only
Two Religions, them and us. They will deem
themselves as believers, and us as the unbelieveing infidels. They will be respected citizens of the last government and totally
mainstream. Why, because the Anti-Christ will be the only Stream allowed !!

The Anti-Christ won't be a '
Madman' but a heroic figure that apparrently has saved the world from destruction and given it peace.
He won't be drooling at the mouth, but a well articulated speaker with an  extremely proud and
stately look.                          

We won't be goody two shoes working inside his system and witnessing to others on the weekend, but literally on the run and in
hiding during the
Tribulation. We won't be the good guys in the eyes of the world but the bad guys. just as Jesus said. So we
won't be having nice neat glorious deaths in front of our local church buildings. We would be dying for our Christ, but they would
say we are devils that need destroying because we are incorrugab trouble makers and against their Christ. They will be calling us ...
Anti-Christs. Are you catching the way, Satan will be twsisting things around, to make black, white and white, black.

 For the Inquisition was nothing, this Tribulation will be worse than any wars or persecutions that have ever happenned. We
won't be working in the A.C. system, for when we refuse to obey and take the MARK, they will hunt us down and kill us
ignominously or whatever horrible way they choose. John 16:2 And when they kill you they will say, Let God be glorified, their
God, the A.C.

They will be the most '
Religious people' ever on Earth, and like all the self-righteous religionists before them they will persecute
and kill the Lord's people.. For which if the prophets have they not killed. (Acts 7: 52). They have killed them all, and they will
kill any of us that don't bow in the End-Time...and they won't call us 'Christians'. They will say they are the true Christians, they
are the true Jews, they are the true submissive Islamic Ones. They are the chosen ones of the Messiah that has come to Earth.
And we shall be called 'Devils'

His Service

David Jay Jordan

Christian Magick
Prophecy 3