It has to be said, that we Christians NOW are the greatest Christians that have ever lived. All those that went before us wish they were living NOW
in the days before the Lord's return. For it is with us and through us that the Lord will do the most miracles. All those that went before us and did such
amazing feats and had such amazing testimonies were mere fore-shadowings of what we shall do. We shall be doing greater exploits than them.

We will have a greater than Moses, we shall have a greater than King David, and greater prophets than those that went before us....

For we have more WORD. more resources available to us, and therefore we shall be more responsible to have more FAITH, and hence more
COURAGE than anyone that ever preceded us. We shall be the end product of ALL our brethren in the Old and New Testament that sacrificed so that
we might succeed and we will.

Why, because it is written and the future has been foretold. It will not be like the foolish ridiculous church system teaches, where we get raptured
before anything happens. NO, absolutely not, that is a doctrine of deceit and gutlessness because they are faithless and cowards.

But we shall gather and fight as ONE, all the way to the End, as the greatest people the Lord has ever assembled and ever will assemble. We shall be
warriors and fighters for HIM literally.

For similarly, we will be the most liberated Christians who have ever lived. He will know the Lord and will have experienced His freedom and
liberation personally. It won;t be mere theory but the culmination of all the bonds the Lord has broken throughout the centuries. And we will be able to
handle it, in its fullness because there will be no one after us. Just as we will be the wisest people that ever lived, with a wiser than Solomon to lead us.
This because we will be needing all the Lord's talents and gifts to survive into the dark days that precede the light of His COMING.

So if you are looking for others for your inspiration and guidance, you have been duped away from the power of CHRIST. Because Christians will be
leading because we are the greatest force in the days ahead, and we shall be leading because we have CHRIST....and He has us.

In other words, don't look to the Jews, or past old testament patriarchs for salvation or to the past for the FUTURE.
David Jay Jordan
We are the Greatest Christians
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