David Jay Jordan's

                                         We are Not Anarchists

After being accused of being an anarchist on another Board, can I state the obvious, that I nor we (meaning true Christians) in
the End-time are anarchists. We are trying to change this present system into a godly one. They can have their system and its
pain and sorrow. We aren't about to take up arms against them. We don't need guns and violence as a means for our ends. We
have the Lord and He shall protect us. He will be freeing the prisoners if He wants certain of them that are incarcerated. We
aren't going to break down the prison doors except through prayer and 'cursing'. We aren't going to life a stone against them
except in prayer to the Creator of All Things and he shall deal with them and not us.

We are passive and aren't going to get involved with changing their damnable politics like church Christians are trying to do.
That day is over, it's too late. they are set in their ways and Christians have stayed on the side lines for too long and done
absolutely nothing. We aren't going to change the system and we aren't going to fight the system , in my opinion. We don't
hardly even need guns although some of us may choose to do so for our individual family's protection.

We are not a threat to them in any way except that we should be changing the hearts and minds of people in their system.
But will they accuse us of being anarchists. YES Did they accuse Jesus of being one. YES, it was this false accusation from
false witnesses that forced Pilate to crucify Jesus.

It was falsely said that Jesus said, that in 3 days and Jesus would destroy their beloved worldly religious Temple. when in
fact Jesus was talking about His own body, the real temple of the Lord. And yet with this false accusation, they crucified
Jesus, because the system is afraid of anyone that is against them. And therefore because they are dumb and because they are
unspiritual and fearful they will believe any accusation against anyone they deem a threat, even when no threat is present.

I mean, we don't give a dam about their world. The A.C. can have his world and his hordes of admiring believers. We aren't
interested in their cities or their power trip and set out for the wilderness. Nobody is living there..its absolute desolation and
yet they chase us and hound us. So if we fight to defend ourselves in these conditions are we anarchists...No. They are .They
break all the laws of respect and decency and they break all the Laws of God. We just want to left alone with our Lord and
He does come in the midst of us and He does protect us, His Bride.

So are we anarchists. NO.....we have laws and rules and discipline and aren't out of control and we don't believe in violence or
mayhem. Sure these things will come, but not by us. We may bring on the natural judgments of God via our 2 witnesses, but
they are from so-called natural origins, so even then we can't be blamed for comets hitting the earth, and the water turning to
blood and volcanoes erupting can we ...but we will. Nevertheless before the Tribulation we won't be using nefarious methods
to bring down the system, its sins bring down itself NOT us. matter of fact,  they fight and destroy each other. We don't
destroy anyone. We don't destroy America, another super-power, with nuclear weapons does. We know it will happen from
prophecy but we don't make it happen. We aren't for ANARCHY but for peace and safety and freedom of choice and
freedom of religion.

In My Humble opinion

David Jay Jordan
Prophecy Mysteries 3