David Jay Jordan's

                                   Walking on Water
                                       ( all things hear and obey )

No one can walk on water ? Oh Yes Jesus did  and Yes we can if the situation is right. All we need is faith like Peter
had when keeping his eyes on Jesus. But now let's prove it from a scientific standpoint, because as we can find out
plants can actually hear. They literally feel vibrations whether good or bad and react accordingly. (SEE
increases productivity) For it is no coincident that when the Lord cursed the fig tree that should have been producing it
withered and died. The Lord's voice killed it, just as the Lord's voice can bring things alive as he did with Lazarus. For
its the Lord's voice that created everything according to His Word in His Name. So when he spoke to the water, when
the Lord spoke to the elements, they literally have to obey because they by design must obey the Lord. It isn't a
possibility but an absolute commandment.

And we by the Lord's power have this exact same power to change the elements. We can change the weather, because it
is subject to the Lord if we have the faith and it is in accordance with the
Lord's Will. if needs be we can change the
weather straight-forward and simple. I can't, but at least I know it's possible and probable. I know that we have the
power to move mountains and I don't mean mole hills, because by sacred geometry size does not matter, because by the
golden section there is a multiplying of power outwards.

This is why the golden section is so powerful in its reproduction. You don't have to compare sizes and strengths only
have a pure seed of real faith. Perfect
Faith without fear is all it takes, it's not pretense or show but just simple faith in
the Lord's absolute power...and your faith must work because its the law of God and Nature.

And as the GOOD BOOK says 'All things hear His voice, they hear the vibrations that go to their core whether they
are human, animals, vegetation, minerals, rocks, living or supposedly non-living because all things are really alive
when it comes down to it. Everything is a vibration, all atoms are composed of sub-atomic particles, electrons protons
that aren't static but moving and revolving and spiraling and vibrating. They respond to the Lord's vibration and they
must obey because the microcosm is just as submissive to the Lord as the macrocosm. For if our prayers like Joshua's
can literally stop the Sun from going down, then literally in the microcosm the same is true as well.

"On Earth as it is done in heaven", no difference, for all things are under the lord's command, and the Lord himself
has told us to "COMMAND YE ME" (Isaiah 45: 11,12) SEE
Prophesying is Commanding We are told to command the
Lord concerning the works of His hands. In other words we are suppose to command the Lord in faith, to change His
Creation to help us win the world for the Lord, or fight for the Lord as did Joshua. The power is still on and is suppose
to be more powerful in the
End-Time rather than in the beginning. In the End-Time we will have to be able to
'literally walk on the water, not all the time but in my opinion sometimes.' When needed, we need to walk in faith just
like Peter did.

It's not a pipe dream but a real life up-coming reality

In His Service

David Jay Jordan


Isaiah 45: 11 Thus saith the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, Ask me of things to come concerning my
sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me.
Isaiah 45:12 I have made the Earth, and created man upon it: I, even my hands, have stretched out the heavens, and all
their host have I commanded.

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