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I haven't heard voices, or had any dreams or visions concerning the identity of the Anti-Christ, but I can give you my GUESS
as to who the AC. Why, because VLADISLAV SURKOV fits almost all the parameters of the evil one as stated in prophecy.
First of all, he comes from the right country, as Russia will be the country from which the AC shall arise and destroy three
other nuclear countries. (SEE
King of the North)  And right now, the seemingly young and good-looking Deputy Aide to
Medeyev and Putin is second in command, even though working mainly behind the scenes of Russian government. For the
of the Anti-Christ will not be until Putin isremoved and THEN, I would suggest Surkov will come to the fore front, and lead,
along with his religious counterpart, the Patriach of Moscow.....
Patriach Kirill...the False Prophet.

Because Putin just doesn't have the look, mannerisms, or qualities that would make him the Anti-Christ. (SEE
Putin is not the
A.C.) whereas side by side as seen above Surkov does !!!! But lets go over all the reasons why I believe, Vladislav is the
upcoming AC.

1. Birthday and Birth Year
2. Meaning of the Name - Vladislav
3. Son of a Widow
4. History and Background Experiences
 Military, KGB, P.R. Poetry, P.R.
5. Looks
6. Speech

1. BIRTHDAY ... September 21, 1964. For amazingly it is on the fall EQUINOX, a significant day to say the least, as the
Lord created on an Equinox, of equal day and equal night. And with a birthyear of 1964, it would mean on September 21 of
2013, Vladislav would be 49 years old and be in his and the biblical 50th year of jubilee, where liberation of the captives or
slaves is honoured. And hence, after his RISE to power, he could say in His 50th year that he is annointed and appointed to
liberate the world, by taking it over through military conquest. Why, so as to bring PEACE, according to the NWO. So the
timing is there.

2. The NAME VLADISLAV is a Russian name which means a 'prince who rules with glory'' which would be very significant if
and when he does come into power, and pretends to be the 'CHRIST'. As even a political anaylst Andrei Pointkovsky has
stated that, 'Surkov does everything he can to inflate his own role. In fact, he is a half baked entertainer who thinks he is the
'Prince of DARKNESS' and the creator of BACKSTAGE politics.'

3. SON OF A WIDOW... If you read Surkov's biography, it seems he was born in Checheno, but his father deserted them a
few years later. Him and mother then moving back close to Moscow. This interesting because according to Masonic and
Illuminati precepts, their end time leader will be called the '
Son of a Widow'. This because Biblical Ruth was a widow, and yet
after marrying Boaz, her lineage eventually brought about David, the seventh son of Jesse. In other words, through a 'Son of a
Widow' the lineage of the Lord is suppose to go on, so that the AC can say that he is legitimate because he is a Son of a
Widow, and a descendant of David and Jesus. Its not true, but its what they and he will say.

4. SURKOV'S Life History states that he is well rounded and educated with various experiences. He was drafted into the
army, but seems to have served as a high ranking intelligence officer, and in the KGB. He studied economics, and worked for an
oil tycoon. He studied Fine Arts, and has reportedly written books and writes poetry, as maybe also done 'songwriting'. he's
studied Public relations, which has been a help in him being a kingmaker for Putin, and the Grey Cardinal of the Kremlin. All
experiences rather useful if he was being trained as a personable well rounded leader, who could be popular with the masses.

5. LOOKS Vladislav Surkov, is handsome and rather different than most Russian leaders. He is youthful, and bright eyed
rather than stoic, hard and cold. He's tall rather than short like Putin. We might have expected a AntiChrist, that has a more
'fierce countenance' and more froward and 'stout than his fellows' as stated by the prophet Daniel, but that stronger deamenor
might happen once, he takes power. But his looks are definitely out of the ordinary. (SEE
Description of AC Face)

6. SPEECH. Prophetically the AC is an expert speaker and communicator, and as an entertainer and soon a politican running
for office, surely Surkov will have an easy time of speaking and delivering his message. SEE

There is a slight descrepancy however, as Valdislav nor Surkov in the mathematical addition of its numbers does not add up to
666. But then again adding a mere 'e' a value of '30' to Surkov' making it Surkove will bring its summation to the
Biblical AC
sum of 666.
Vladislav Surkov - Russian Anti-Christ