DaVinci's Vitruvian GRAPHICS, of the naked man standing in a squared circle, is a revealment of the PHI Golden Section
Mystery concerning the DESIGN of Man. DaVinci did not think it up, but it was taught to him via
`MysterySchools', which
knew that knowledge meant power. When he drew the Vitruvian Man for the architect Vitrivian, it was not mere architecture,
but the secret template of all temple construction. And as we should know and as they knew, our sacred body design from
Creation included this ratio mystery... the
Golden Section.

But these mysteries are now possible for any and all to
understand, even though they were kept secret and only
taught to the initiated members for so many centuries. So
let's take back the truths of what the Lord created in our
proportions and try to understand WHY. DaVinci put the
divine image of a nude man inside a circle and a square, not
for artistic reasons but because it is the basic of

The circumference of the circle is exactly the same length
as the circumference of the square. In mathematical terms in
just means going from static geometry to living geometry, or
the static straight line square being blown outward via the
`Breath of Life.' into the lving curves of a circle. It's the
progression in the Lord's creative process of going from four
(a square) to five (a circle and curves, and the living form).
The five pointed star or pentagram having the golden section
or divine PHI ratio embedded exactly into its geometry.  

As living life obeys the Lord first commandment to continue reproducing and MULTIPLYING, it progresses via PHI
expansions as well. see
Phi Spiral of Creation So Phi is intimately related to LIFE, and hence it should be no surprise that the
Lord's Image and BODY also contains the ratio that is
'Beautiful'. Consequently, because we are 'Made in His IMAGE' and
perfect ideal form, then we also contain within our proportions these phi ratio's over and over again throughout our bodies

But let's get back to DaVinci's Vitrium Graphic. The circle is on the same base as the square and even though their circumference
may be the same, the circle obviously has a larger diameter than a side of the square. To be specific, it is the square root of PHI
larger.   SEE
Golden Section and your Body    PHI equaling 1.618, making its square root approximately 1,272. Consequently
the diameter of the circle extends 1.272 times beyond the side height of the square. Can you see it ?

But the Vitruvian 'Adam' man has his outstretched hands laterally to the square, and yet when he stretches them upward, they
reach exactly to the height of the circle. Try it yourselves and see this truth. To the side, a normal proportioned original man as
created by the Lord, is the ultimate Temple because his fingers reach out to the square. while when extended upward,
heavenward they reach the apex of a phi or golden section pyramid (1.272).  SEE (Hands UP Posting). For we are the ultimate
Temple of the Living God, just as His Physical temple,
New Jerusalem will be Golden Section Pyramid as well

In other words, we are the answer to the riddle and mystery of the squaring the circle. We circle the square or square the circle.
We are the ultimate
'Creation', in absolute perfection by DESIGN.'

But let's go a little deeper architecturally and to the top of a Golden Section Pyramid....right to the capstone. For the capstone
of the Great Pyramid HERE on Earth at Giza, was exactly the same size as the Holy of Holies.... the Womb of Creation, and the
most sacred architecture where the LIVING SPIRIT OF GOD resided above the ARK. The capstone fitting perfectly into a 15
foot or 10 cubit CUBE, as was the design specifications of the Holy of Holies.

And as we should know the Giza capstone was missing, because it could only be JESUS... the stone which the builders rejected
or were not worthy of. This is why it was never put on the Great Pyramid.Yet with HIM, the whole Pyramid and temple fills
with light, just as a Vitruvian 'Adam' man within the Holy of Holies is perfectly proportioned to reach the Holy Spirit or apex
of the circle. SEE
Man in the Holy of Holies
We are a representation in our divine geometry and bodies of the PHI MYSTERY of POWER and expansion. We are not mere
carnal bodies formed via evolutionary chance, but have divine potential if we accept the cornerstone and capstone of the
Creator. We are divinely proportioned to enter into the Holy of Holies. For its dimensions, exactly allow the Great Pyramids
Capstone to be within. So in your minds, add the Holy of Holies measurements into and onto DaVinci's Vitrium, and you have
the missing ingredient that would have energized the Great Pyramid.

We are the Temple of God, we are the living Temple that incorporates four and five, static geometry and living geometry. We
have the power to
'Project' and receive from all the Universe. This because the Lord 'PHI designed our bodies to have the apex of
our proportions to start and finnish at exactly our pineal level, or brow. SEE Golden Section and our Bodies. This the ancients
called the plane of reflection' or spiritual plane of our souls and decision making, where we can project or receive from the Lord
spiritually, regardless of distance or time.

In other words, we have the power to do great and mighty things, if we have the capstone Jesus on our living PHI Pyramid
TEMPLE or BODY. With HIM, all things are possible to us... ALL THINGS !    like ...
Walking on water     Moving
Mountains Transmigration     Teleportation    Invisability      Healing    and   More    !!!

And so herein,  solves the mystery of the Vitruvian Man by DaVinci because they wanted to show graphically how the human
body squared the circle. They knew our bodies power by design for it incorporates the Golden Section. And thisis why we can
become so powerful with HIM. And NOW you know the secret..

And Now to harress it, you have to

In His Service

David Jay Jordan
Vitruvian Man Graphics Solved
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