Goddess Trixie
Part 2

But No, I didn't leave, I couldn't leave. I had no money and no place to stay. I stayed as long as I could in my room. No one came
to me and only in the middle of the night, I heard a knocking on my door. So I got up and opened the door. A brother named Zach,
was standing there, and even though we lived in the same home, I had never really talked to him before. He asked if he could speak
to me. I let him in and we talked. I told him what happened. He told me that I wouldn't have the power to fight them. Yet if I really
want to serve the Lord, I must not get out of that front door. I must not go out and leave, because once I'm out, they will shut the
door and that's the end of me. They don't care he said. So that night, I was desperate what to do, I wanted to stay but I could not
take it any longer of what they are doing to me. I was alone more that ever. So I prayed and ask the Lord to help me and ask him
what to do. I went to bed worry and hurt. I could not to go sleep, all I did was praying all the time, and remembering what one of
the sister told the family early on. She told them that she knows a brother before in Fiji and used to live with him and now he
wants to come. I was thinking about this, because, it was been told to the family about a month or so
before this party accord. I am thinking what if, if this brother might be the one that God is sending for me, but I thought it was
silly to think that. I have never seen him but I just have this feeling. Somehow, in my tiredness and thinking about the brother
who's coming, found myself asleep and dreaming. I dream about a man. I saw a man standing on the harbor docks with a backpack
on his shoulders and a bag besides his feet. He was surrounded by children. He was tall and thin, a bit unkept. He looked so tired
as if he hadn't rested in so long. But he was happy talking with the children. He was very relaxed in his new surroundings and yet
stuck out among because he was so tall. And the dream ended.

it took a few more weeks before we had a telephone call from me that he had arrived at the docks. So me and another French
Canadian sister (named Danielle), went in tricycles (Motorcycle transportation in the Philippines) to pick him up.

As we got closer to the harbor, and as I got out of the `tricycle' that brought us there, I saw this tall, thin guy, surrounded by lots
of children. I was stunned, he looked exactly like the guy I had seen in my vision. He was a bit of a mess, but smiling and having a
good time with the kids near the docks. He was standing there backpack on his shoulder and a bag by his feet. He was so unkept
looking, messy hair, kind of unshaven but what could you expect from someone that had been on a banana boat for a whole week.
And I heard the Lord say, `There he is, do you still want him and will you take care of him.' Hmm, I thought, `Yes, he does need
someone to take care of him, but YES, Lord, I'll take him.'

So as we approached each other, I jumped up on this huge tree trunk that was lying on its side near the docks. There I was dressed
all in white with my arms outstretched, and said `Jordan, Jordan' (that was his bible name). And he just kept coming and gave me a
big, big hug, cheek to cheek as he was so much taller than me. I knew he was the one, we hugged and talked but Danielle had plans
for him as well. They having known each other previously as missionaries in Fiji year before. She even had instructed me prior to
going down to the docks, that she and he would be getting in the same tricycle, so she and he could go back to the home together.
And I was just to take his stuff and get into the other tricycle with a side car.

Anyway, as I watched him talking to her, I could not stop myself asking if this was really true, as I already sensed I knew
him.Everything was the same as the dream. Tall, thin, messy, roughed up but handsome and happy to be on dry ground, guy. He
had given me such a big hug. But I was to load his stuff into my tricycle which I did, and then got inside, and there he was. He had
gotten into my tricycle, rather than Danielle's. He choose to go home with me rather than her, I was so happy. And because
tricycles are so small, we sat so close together. It was so romantic in a funny sort of way and we just smiled and talked and went
down the road.

Whereas, Danielle ended up taking the other tricycle back home all alone. I knew she wasn't happy. Yet he had chosen me, just as I
accepted him from the Lord. It was `love at first sight', because it was if we already knew each other and were destined to be
together. And yet when we got back to the home, Danielle told me off and accused me of taking him away from her. I just walked
away though because I knew he was the one that the Lord had given to me, for a husband and a protector. It was so amazing
though, because right from the start, I was not apprehensive about meeting him. It was more like welcoming home my long lost
husband. It was like he was just coming back to me after a long journey and we were re-uniting. The connection was instanteous.
And I was just so happy that he made it safely and finally we were together again.

I had not told anyone about my dream of him back at the family home. And even he didn't know about it until after we got married.
Yet in an instance, at first meeting I knew I was no longer alone. I had someone with me who I knew would become my husband. I
needed him to serve the Lord, and he, obviously by the looks of him, needed me to take care of him, so that he could further serve
the Lord.

Thank God for answering my prayer. How faithful He is to those that love Him, and put Him first. And since then, we have
served the Lord together for these twenty-five years, through thick and thin unto this day. So I do think, we can trust the Lord to
find and give us our mates. The Lord gave me mine, and can give you yours, if you put Him first.

Love to All


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