David Jay Jordan's

Video Clip of .......  ORBS creating Crop Circles

Click HERE , be patient and in seconds and you'll see what appears to be orbs creating crop circles. So what do you think
true or false ?

In my opinion, this appears to be the real thing, although many orb pictures are merely dust specs and reflected glare, etc.
As for crop circles, they also can be real and made from spiritual entities as well, although again many are hoaxes and
man-made.  The geometry and mathematics of some of the latest
Crop Circles is too  complicated and advanced to have
been done by mere tricksters, besides the chemical, biological change in the fallen crops shows that it was not done thru
gravity pressure as in men knocking them down with planks, etc. Hence a paranormal spiritual force could have easily
done it, and because us humans are so inclined to believe visuals, this clip shows quite graphically the co-relation of Orbs
at a Crop Circle site.

But though Orbs, are spiritual and from the spiritual realm, it does not mean we have to fear them, as they appear to be
just spiritual vechicles. Their flight patterns show distinctly that they are beyond normal aerodynamics of our material
world. So whether they are big as shown or small as you might see in haunted houses, ghost imagery, don't be fooled by
their supposed abilities, or be freaked out that there are entities and orbs that are circling around us all the time. We live
in a spiritual world where all things are not visable, for we are invisably surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses and
angels and spirits as the Lord has said so many times.

But  is there any reference to angelic orbs, Not that I can find. Angels may appear as light or have a circle of light or halo
above their heads, but they don't buzz around and frighten people nor do they make crop circles to frighten or entice
earthlings into believeing in alien civilizations and advanced technology, that is the work of the Trickster, the devil and
his demons. And unfortunately many naive people call these devils, 'aliens' because they don't know any better. (SEE
Aliens and demons)

And though departed souls may be entrapped within orbs or they may be a soul transportation devise of the Lord, the
Lord's angels do not use them as they appear in angelic human form, and NOT as ORBS. So even if you see faces in orbs,
do not be afraid or intimidated or worse yet, worship them.

Orbs are surely weightless and able to move in the spirit world and even be seen now in the physical realm, they may be
able to carry a spirit or spirits. The spirits also being weightless, even though they can have their counterparts, demons in
the flesh (Blues and greys) with weight who because of their weightmust use anti-gravity UFO's, (Consider
Video of

Why are they spherical, welll what more stable form is there than a sphere, which doesn't elongate with velocity because it
is weightless and not affected by  gravitational or G forces. It moves according to the will of the spirit inside.  

So like UFO's, and Aliens, and 'Old Age' invasions by the spirit world into our modern world, don't be mezermized by
Orbs or Crop Circles. Their message is to take your focus away from the real solution and salvation of man not by aliens
and so-called advanced technology but by the Lord who created US. The true messengers called 'angels' will tell you this,
whereas this alien paranormal entities and signs have a totally different message.

Don't worship these demons of the land and sky by studying them inordanately. Don't fear them and don't honour them.
Lord is SUPERIOR over all beings whether physical or spiritual, for there is no other Ruler or Creator other than
Him and All are subject unto Him, now and at the time of their judgment. That's why they are in fear and trembling to His
Name for they know there time is coming.

Let them draw mesmerizing circles in the farm lands if they choose, but don't let them draw you into their inner circle.

In My Opinion


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