David Jay Jordan's

                       Unified Field Force

As Einstein postulated there is only one force in all the universe. He instinctively and supernaturally felt
that gravitation, electromagnetic energy, and the nuclear energies had to be ONE at their higher levels. For it
was from this huge gigantic burst of energy , the Big Bang of Creation, that all forces must have come from.
And he was RIGHT, there is only one FORCE and its called GOD or more specifically JESUS.

He is the Creator of all things (See
Jesus is the Creator) and therefore even more than a summation of all
forces. Because nothing can take away from His Energy, for even if He deleted all His Creations and All
His known forces, His power wouldn't diminish. G> sum of F. Nothing can take away from His Power
because it is ALMIGHTY.

This whole concept is now being realized by scientists and called the '
Theory of Everything' or the BIG
T.O.E. in cosmotology and physics. But to us that know the Lord, it is easy to understand because we
know Him and His power. For with God, nothing is impossible.

Matter of fact, this also proves that there is no other God or force besides our God. There was no forces
present before He created the forces. Nature didn't exist before He created it, and there were no laws of
physics before the Lord created them for all laws and all forces come from the Father of Forces, the King
of Kings and Lord of Lords and His Name is JESUS. Simple and straight forward, there is no other God
except for Him.

And hence what is true in true Science is true also in true religion because the spirit world is where the
physical world despiralled into existence from. We and our physical world came from the spirit world and
was slowed down to the threshold of light speed so we can see it visually and experience it first hand in the
physical. And it's beautiful because He created it in beauty and balance and harmony. As above so below,
as in heaven so in Earth, as in religion so in science.

All truths are One if they point to
Jesus. Receive the Creator today and be in tune with Him and then you
will have the Unified Field Force

Love in Jesus


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