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                   UFO's,  the Anti-Christ & the New Order

Because the ridiculous conception that aliens rather than demons are invading the Earth, is unfortunately
decreasing the already weakened faith of some of the Lord's sheep, allow me to suggest an excellent
web-site that separates some of these truths from the lies. By reading you may be able to discern the
Biblical comparisons about demons and future prophecy with the fairly concrete evidence concerning
'aliens', which are merely disobedient cursed evil 'spirits'. They are nothing to be afraid of, if you have the
Lord's protection. Yet a simple study could help you understand how these initial encounters with
supposed 'aliens' can help tie in with the political and religious events prophesied by all the prophets in
describing the A.C. and the New World Order.

This site may help you understand how in the future New Agers and normal folks who discover the
truths of another dimension through UFO sightings etc. But will be seduced and deceived into believing
they are enlightened. And then finally persuaded to see how the unenlightened will have to be done away
with. Consequently, this group can join the ranks of the following who will all be accepting the
Anti-Christ as their Messiah and World Leader .

1) The Jews that don't realize their Messiah has already come in the form of Jesus, the One and Only

2) The silly Christians who don't get Raptured, (as they were told to believe) before the Tribulation, and
therefore accept the A.C. as a down-to-Earth Saviour.

3)The uninformed Muslims who accept the 'Ad Dajjal' (the A.C.) as their Madhi, because they are
unaware of their own scriptures

4) The worldly worshippers of mammon and materialism, who will gladly accept the MARK if it allows
them to continue their 'buying and selling'

5) The ring wingers (usually churchy) who want 'law and order' at any cost, will also welcome the
A.C.'s tough rule, to supposed ensure individual security.

6) And finnally now the left wingers, New Agers, seekers and normal folk with their myriad of truths and
misconceptions and downright lies.

The website is entitled UFO's, the AntiChrist and the New World Order, it's address is

htm:/ /www .geocities.com/Heartland/Hills/5977 /gord/ufo.html

The scary part of course, is how the supposed enlightened will be brainwashed into believing that "They
that heed not His WORDS (the A.C.) shall be removed from the Earth." Nevertheless we don't have to be
afraid if we know scriptures, a basic timeline and have read what the Lord has directed us to do. We
don't have to be afraid, for even the gates of Hell shall not stand (Mathew 16:18, and the A.C.'s kingdom
shall not stand (Dan 2:34,35).

We don't have to be afraid of encounters with the 3rd kind, or of talking about these things if we are
knowledgeable about them to those that are not. For there is no power that is not subject to the Lord's
power. And there is absolutely nothing 'alien' to the Creator of the UNIVERSE, or that won't be rebuked
by calling on Him.

In His Service

David Jay Jordan

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