In continuing to think about and study the women prophetesses of the past,...this site mentions only three women


(3) The Prophetesses -- The Old Testament gives the name nebî'ah, to three women gifted with prophetic charismata: Mary,
the sister of Moses; Debbora; and
Holda, a contemporary of Jeremias (2 Kings 22:14); also to the wife of Isaias meaning the
spouse of a nabî';

So lets consider Holda, Isaiah's wife ...who as the Lord's prophetess was also the Bride of Christ, a virgin.

                                        SEE    Bride of Christ in the Old Testament

And then go to the following hyperlink to study the great prophet Isaiah, because he had a prophetess backing him TWO
are always better than one

The greatest of the Hebrew prophets of whom literary monuments remain. He resided at Jerusalem, and so contrasts with
Micah, the prophet of the country districts. He was married (Isa. viii. 3), and had children (vii. 3, viii. 3).

For though you may have missed it when reading the Book of Isaiah, it distinctly says that Isaiah went in unto the prophetess
(his wife Holda)

Isa 8:3  And I went unto the prophetess; and she conceived, and bare a son. Then said the LORD to me, Call his name

In other words, the prophet whom was married to the prophetess, made love to her and they had a son. Isaiah was married to
Holda and they had children. And so as before so again in the future, as the archetype, the precept, the principle must be fulfilled
in the future as prophecy. They giving us the foreshadowing of what is to come. And hence there is a basis for again seeing and
realising that we must have not just a male for a King and a female for a
High Priestess. But that they shall be married and have
had children. SEE
There shall be Two Prophets

They will not be super-natural male figures from the past, but real life parents that have obeyed the Lord and reproduced and
who know from personal experience what marriage requires. They will have compassion and understanding with all the married
brethren and therefore have sympathyand understanding. They will have learned to melt together in humility and know how to
work together as ONE even though they are TWO.

They will have obeyed the Lord in being fruitful and multiplying as they will have had kids. And hence be in line to taking care of
the Lord's flock, in helping them to be fruitful and mulitply. They will gather the flock. SEE  
Last Gathering

The Lord is going to have a male and female pillar in the End Time, and this was foreshadowed not just by Moses and Aaron and
Miriam, by Zerrobabel and Joshua, David and Nathan but also by why by forshadowing of the great prophet Isaiah, and his wife
Holda. As before so in the there is nothing new under the SUN, as the Lord always foreshadows his truths and repeats

IE... Look for a married couple with children to be the TWO WITNESSES
David Jay Jordan
'Two Witnesses' married with children
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