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                   Tune His Heart to MINE Lyrics

Because I was asked via e-mail why frequencies are important and why I got into them, allow me to respond here by
posting the lyrics to this song, which to me was the answer to my prayers. For. I was asking the Lord what I should do,
what did He wanted me to do.....and He said "Tune their hearts to His" as a  minstrel plays to others to make them fall in
love with the Spirit. And so, I think this applies to us all,

Its from a tape called Celtic Mist, and with beautiful notes and a beautiful female voice, it's lyrics  went like this .......

Hark harmonious Fife, ....
When pressed to (his) lips
With a gentle kiss
And when His tender hands
Round me fold in a soft embrace
I listen and approve those melting tones
Which soothe my soul
Soothe my soul to love

A life with passions from his breath
Yield your music when his stream doth blow
Does that handsome Minstrel play
Delights with sounds & enchanting tones
His sweet songs fill the air

Go happy Fife and ever mindful be
To court my handsome troubadour for me
Tell him of all I feel
Repeat my love at each melting touch
Send to him my loyalty
Take thou care to in tune his heart


For surely we are to pipe to the lost and the lonely and try to tell them of His Love, by tuning their hearts to His.

In His Service