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                    The Trumpets seem "NATURAL'

If you look back at the plagues that Moses smote Egypt with, you will note that they also will almost seem 'natural'.
The goyum , the worldly, the children of the night will still NOT see them as judgments of God. When our
s come out of the wilderness and out of our Encampment, and walk boldly into Jerusalem, the Anti-Christ's
religious headquarters and they boldly bring down the trumpets of destruction upon the World...they won't see them
as from God.

They think the Anti-Christ is Jesus, they think they are the chosen ones, the godly ones and the two prophets are
evil. They won't think the hail, fire, and volcano erupting, the meterorite hitting are judgments of God. they will
think they are natuarally occuring and just a coincidence. They won't think that the Earth is helping the woman in
the wilderness, nor will they think that the two prophets will be judging them. They think they have the Christ, the
all powerful God ruling them. SEE
Daniel Timeline and Revelation Timeline

Did Pharoah and the foolish of Egypt truly believe they were being judged by the Lord through Moses. NO. They
thought it was a natural occurance that happenned to them. A red tide, a plague of frogs, and flies, they thought it
was all natural occuring events that they could just outlive.

But when the biting locusts come out of the Earth at the command of our prophets, then the people of the world are
starting to get upset because of their pain. They are really getting anfry with these two prophets of doom and gloom
on their A.C. kingdom. Do they think about the true Lord...No, do any get saved at this time...IMO NO. They
already have the MARK of the Beast, only us in the wilderness are sealed by the Lord and protected from the stings
of the scorpions.

So when do the heathen start to weap and cry, only at the 7th trump, when they literally see that they have been
backing the wrong side. When they see Jesus coming to get his own, then they cry and are so sorry. But it's too late
and their fate is sealed and their weeping and selfish tears are not because they are sorry and repentant but because
they know they backed the wrong messiah. They were foolish and undiscerning and joined themselves to the evil one.

For the people of the world have been taught to see every thing as natural and just coincidence. They have been
brainwashed into NOT seeing the spiritual cause and effect of everything that happens. They don't know the
fulfillment of the Lord's prophecy, so the trumpets just like the plagues of our forefathers fall upon them. For they
are worthy.

In my opinion according to scriptures

In His Service


May 28, 2001
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