David Jay Jordan's

                                Travel at the Speed of Thought

Because it has now been proven scientifically that photons can travel at faster than the speed of light, all those millions and
billions of light year distances you were told about in high school up till now can be thrown out the window. There is absolutely
no basis for such a thing as millions and billions of years in time, because the great distances stars are away from us, doesn"t
mean their light took eons to reach us. It is a false assumption, to divide their distances by light speed if light speed isn't or
wasn't a constant.

Evolutionary time is a total hoax in earthly evolution and astronomical calculations  Why, simply because light has been proven
to travel faster than the speed of light. It travels at phi or golden section harmonics - faster than light speed so that there is no
limit to its speed. (See
Golden Section) because it is able to keep multiplying itself faster and faster through light tunneling. (See
Life After Death Experiences)

The naïve and poorly aligned types who are now studying how to propel their literal spirit bodies beyond the speed of light,
will never be able to achieve this because they literally can"t center their bodies into phi or love’ harmonics. (See Danwinter.

Why, do I call it -love harmonics=, because the pentagonal shape or golden section shape of literal emotion waves emitted by
our divinely shaped -golden sectioned- bodies have to be shareable, compressible and non-destructive rather than the reverse.
(Again see danwinter.com). Yet, the evil non-Christians just can"t do this because only He has perfect LOVE, which brings
memory and consciousness and it just can’t be imitated or duplicated in people that are NOT His and who are outside of his

The out of tune ones can only travel at the speed of thought which usually splits their minds into schizophrenia, with their evil
angelic helpers, whereas we with the LORD’S LOVE can travel with the LORD"S Angels in His Spirit literally at the speed
of thought. It’s scientific and it"s spiritual. For "As many as received Him, to them gave He POWER to become the sons of
God" (John 1: 12) And we shall travel at the speed of thought, if our thoughts are directed towards His LOVE and according to
In His Scientific Service

David Jay Jordan