The dam perverted dark side made a time portal on August 12th 1943 and then re-opened it up forty years
later on August 12th 1983. (Study Montauk Time Travel Portal) .... But why did they select August 12th ?
Was it a random date or has it significance as a time frame for time travel. But if it was random, why would
they then make the time travelers come back again on exactly the same date ? So there has to be something
about the timing in the Earth's Rotation around the SUN that is significant.

Well we know that our earth is the center of the Universe because the Creator of the Universe was born
physically and died HERE for all the Universe. This is why, our Solar System and our Earth can be called
Tabernacle of the Sun/SON

This being a perfect illustration and further design of the Lord, in the macro-universe that parallels Basic
Sacred Geometry, Giza as well as New Jerusalem. It is all about the
Golden Section Creative Spiral and Ratio.
So when we look at the one year revolution of the Earth around the Sun/Son of 365.24 days the golden
section ratio .618 or 61.8 per cent of 365.24 days is
222 days.... Starting at January 1st, we add 222 days
and it falls on August 12th.     Note
111 Hertz Gateway

Coincidence, nothing is coincidence with the Lord but always design. But that would mean January 1st is
probably significant and a designed starting point. It is not just a convenient arbitrary starting point of the
New Year but a real one with the Lord.

This New Year determined by the ecliptic path or the Son's Pathway of Light. But let's see ..... December
21st the Winter Solstice. The darkest day of the year, followed by three and a half days of darkness (the 3.5  
ratio repeated over and over again by Jonah, Elijah, and JESUS. The time from darkness into the light, til
delivery and Ressurection. This bringing us to December 25th.... Hmmm so again maybe December 25th is
surely the right day for the Lord's BIRTH and NEW LIFE. CHRISTMAS.

But before the New Year can begin there has to be the the five or six holidays or HOLY DAYS to sanctify the
upcoming year. This harmonises the Earth and the Moons revolutions and timing. (SEE AGAIN

     This also being what harmonises sound or music. It is called the
Pythagorus Comma, for without this
harmonization sounds would be out of tune and the worlds would be out of tune. The same thing as sound
and speed and revolutions and music has to be harmonic via a HARMONIC CREATOR of all things.

   This bringing us to January 1st.... and there begins the monthly march of constellations along the suns
pathway along the ecliptic.. By coincidence, NO, by design. As each of these constellations is a marker in the
sky, and tells a story about the
Creator..JESUS.   See Messianic Story written in the skies

    360 days of the normal year after the HOLY DAYS of sanctification have passed, is not by chance but by
design. This is why the circle is divided into 360 degrees. So a golden section or phi ratio of this cycle would
be in mid August, the same time I postulate that the Lord would return, bringing on a NEW ERA of time.
Timeline with Dates . For at that time, in the month of Leo, the LION King, the King of Kings is scheduled to
return downward to Earth
. SEE Venus and Regulus Conjunction

    August 8th, add three and a half days, of the two prophets lying dead on the steps of the 3rd Temple, and
it brings the arrival of Jesus on August 12th 2027. Amazingly close or exact. Therefore interesting. Not
absolutely confirming. And though we should be able to
TIME TRAVEL at any time when needed according
to the WILL of GOD, still there may be something special about the alignment and design on August 12th of
every year.   We shall find out.

In His Service


PS) Similarly consider that the greatest meteorite belt and hence greatest light show of the earth as it travels
along its ecliptic is between August 10th to 12th when it passes through the Persoids Belt. Is this significant?  
Well maybe as the King of Kings might have arranged this timing for His arrival in the air at HIS 2ND
COMING as a light show parallel. Maybe these meteorites exploded simply because they were trying to time
travel exactly at this time frame, and it wasn't in the Lord's WILL. Maybe they are a debris field for a specific
reason, because August 12th is a time portal. Not conclusive, but very interesting. We shall SEE !!
Time Portal - August 12th
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