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Time Travel Through PHI Tunneling

But then again even if this is shocking to the fearful, sex or achieving bliss or orgasm to our Bridegroom can accelerate us to that
starry height as well…. if and only if our hearts have love to Him. (SEE
33 Steps of Jacob’s Ladder). Many using the word bliss
instead of orgasm in their writings, but it means the same thing.

Hence, you can also put it together that the most sacred and most powerful of ceremonies would indeed be not just a singular
solitary experience but a group ceremony even a sexual ritual in celebration of the Creator. This the dark side can never ever access,
and like the Grail never find, as they will never each the ETERNAL and timelessness that is only reserved for those with real love in
their hearts. And yet with those that

David Jay Jordan

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Co-research this with Montauk, the dark side experiements, that were said to have created a time warp that the Lord shall recitfy in
His TIME .