David Jay Jordan's

There's Only Two Religions

As Jesus said, "You are either with me or against me" And Jesus wasn't just talking for the sake of talking but
stating an eternal truth. There are only two religions, Christian and non-Christian.

The religionist thought they were godly, but Jesus said they were of their father the Devil and His religion. They
thought they were free, but Jesus told them they were the servants of sin. They thought they were better than
others, but only Jesus or faith in the Messiah made or makes anyone better than anyone else and it is always a
matter of God's GRACE.

So don't let anyone intimidate or trick you by saying that they are not religious. Anyone that has hardened their
heart into athesim is against the Lord. Anyone that is hardened their heart and not searching and into being an
'agnostic' will eventually turn into a non-Christian.

Any witchcraft person who's says they don't belong to a religion is not telling you the truth. If they aren't telling
you about Jesus, its the wrong religion. If the universities text-books don't give credit to the Creator known as
Jesus, then its a non-Christian religious book. If scientists don't give due credit to the Lord, then they are
promoting a false religion. If people say they are neutral, don't believe them, for we are all going one direction or
the other. And if we don't dicide to go Jesus's direction then we are heading into the wrong religion even if people
don't consider it a religion.

So don't let people con you when they say they aren't religious. For in essense, every word, act and thought is
either in line with the Lord or is against Him.

Love Only in Jesus and Not in His Nemesis or Adversary


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