David Jay Jordan's

                     The Church Door Handle is too High

Actually to err is human, which is why the church door handle is too high. They don't enter in and don't  want
anybody else to enter in cause the only ONE that entered into perfection is JESUS. He was perfect, and is the
key to getting through the door. We don't have to open the door, He does it for us.

You should remember all your Bible school days when in history, the Children of Israel had to have the Lamb's
blood on the door posts. Well its the same with us, we have to have the Lord's blood on our door posts to be saved.
That's it. It's a gift, salvation is Free.

But then again to err is human you've heard that before. So now you just have to believe it and STOP trying to
be perfect. that's a church trip and their door handle is too high and unreachable. Nobody has to be perfect with
JESUS. Just be yourself, like it sounds you are by helping others you meet, that's normal natural and spiritual if
you have the LOVE of JESUS.

He works through you, normally without even trying if you have love. It isn’t difficult it comes easy cause his
burden is easy. You want to help your fellow travelers in life and in

You don't have to be perfect only the churchies want to be perfect and none of them have succeeded. Besides the
Lord didn't say you had to be perfect, He said be perfect in love as He is perfect in love cause He sends the rain on
the just and the unjust. So give your love to the just and unjust both, for all can be saved by his love. That's being
perfect in love cause we never really know who are our brethren in the Lord.

So loving all is being perfect because the Lord loves everyone and created everyone even though everyone won't
return his love. So be careful and prayerful out there 'to err is human' because the world is unloving but the
Lord is love and that's all that he asks you to do. If you do that then you are somehow perfect in heart and he
accepts you and you are accepted as a Christian by Him, and he's the only one that really counts. Just do unto
others as you would do unto Him and the door handle of His Door is not to high and you can enter in.

So now that you are already in, just keep walking for the Lord and others and don't worry about the minor errs
that are human if you have the Lord's LOVE.

In His Service