David Jay Jordan's

    The Bible doesn't tell us exactly what to do.

As a young Christian,  I was totally frustrated to find out, there wasn't an absolutely
correct way to pray, or an absolute truth concerning what we could pray for  within God's
Will? It seemed to all depend on the situation, which meant I was suppose to read some
more and study some more. For all the Bible teachers kept telling us was, we had to have
absolute faith when praying? And how did we get this absolute faith, we were suppose to
read the Words of God to get the Faith.

Whew, and I thought it was going to be so simple and straight forward..... I was tired of studying especially after
coming out of university and their wishy washy conclusions and if this, then maybe that etc. etc. And now the Bible
didn't tell me exactly what to do. Were we to flee, or were we to fight? Were we to speak up or keep our mouths

Ha, with every question came a different situation, but then there DID seem to be an answer if I and we studied
enough. In this case we were instructed to do this, in that case, the Lord generally told his people to do that...O.K.
now we were making headway, the Bible does have definite GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS. Something we can depend
on, and these are general PRINCIPLES that are the rules of live and our behaviour according to what happens in

So instead of being robotic, we had to understand the Lord's principles, and not run and flee every time adversity
comes, but run sometimes to fight another day and sometimes fight and let the enemy have it with both barrels and
both fists.

So how were we to know what to do as we walked in the world in the midst of real life action,.....simple, we are
suppose to have the Holy Spirit to teach us and to ask as life unfolds or explodes in front of us. She can teach us in
our quiet times, and she can whisper in our ear which way to go when we are walking, but if we are in tune, and
know her voice, then she can tell us also what to do in an emergency. But we have to stay obedient to the Spirit of
God, otherwise the Spirit will leave us and we will be comfortless and without the help we need in a crisis.

Therefore in my opinion, the Bible doesn't tell us exactly what to do, but gives us general principles, because the
Lord's Will for one might vary from another servant of the Lord's Will. It's the same Lord, but different of us have
different things to do for the Lord, and we all can't be doing the same thing at the same time. This again seems to
show the truth that we must study and study the Lord's words from the past and the true stories of our brethren
(from Adam til now) about their experiences to be prepared for the present and the future.

It does mean we have to study to hear from the Lord, for without it we can't possibly have the Faith to do the Lord's
Will nor know the Lord's Will. Yet again we have to obey what we know He wants us to do before He will instruct us
further along His path for us and others.

In my opinion according to scriptures

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