David Jay Jordan's

                      Terrorism brings on the Covenant

Unfortunately tragedies are going to happen, but thank the Lord, it is all within the bounds of the Lord's
Prophecy..... and yet woe unto them by which it happens. Still it has to be said thatthese horrible atrocites
have to come to pass to force all parties to adopt and sign the COVENANT as mentioned in Daniel..

So why should any be too surprized, for neither side is right.and neither side wil be righteous when the War on
Terrorism excalates into a religious War that pits Jews and Christians versus the Muslims. For surely America
will keep waging war on anyone it chooses and who it their mind they can deem a terrorist, and the tragedies
will go on in the name of nationalism until they go too far and her wars get worse and worse.

For even in the Mid-East, the Jews and Palestinians have to battle each other  again in a type of war that
somehow brings all parties to the Peace Table, the religious Peace Table, also called the Covenant in Daniel 9
and 11.So whoever caused the terrorist acts on Sept 11th did it, knowing full well that it was the start of the
beginning of the End, as we head into the LAST DAYS. Why, cause the evil ones will sacrifice whoever in their
path to their One World Government as all are expendable for their greater prize.... and the Lord will allow
them to take over until He destroys them in His Time.

For eventually when the militaries have done their killing, and the World is on the brink of World war 3, then
the Prince of the Covenant can step in and provide a solution and a Peace Formula acceptable by all , meaning
the ten signing countries.   

So even though terrorism is tragic and these wars are tragic they had to come ......and worse things will be
happenning and so you better learn true prophecy from the Lord, or these things shall come upon you as a theif
in the night. Yet will the Lord's WORD be fulfilled even if man thinks He is in control of His own Destiny.

There  will be a Covenant signed soon, and it will start the LAST 7 Years before the Lord's Return

In His Prophetic Service


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