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                                      Secret of Teleporting

Biblically teleporting was only done by the Lord in extreme cases where the need was so great, that the Lord had no other
alternative other than to move one of his people miraculously from one place to another. Yes, it is possible, but only with the
Lord and only because of the NEED, and only if you have FAITH  There are numerous scripturial precedents, from Stephen being
teleported or transported from Jeruslaem, out to the desert, in order to talk to the enuch. Or the prophet Daniel being moved from
place to place by angels in order to witness. They had the faith and there was a need and so with prayer, they did teleport, just as
you can do the same if the conditions are similiar. All things are possible with the Lord.

Your means of teleportation ... PRAYER. And if you didn't know it yet, prayer is totally dependant on you believing what you
pray, and being sure of the Lord and His power and His Will. You have to literally know the Lord and believe in Him totally. You
can't waver and be double minded, but have total and complete faith in Him to 'literally' walk on water and 'literally' move
mountains. In other words, '
We are Magicians'

This doesn't mean you are mindless but just the opposite, for with all your mind you must have researched and come up and out
with absolutely no doubts. You can't be a mindless robot with the Lord, but a searching individual with real faith and real guts and
courage who really wants to serve the Lord..for only then shall the Lord be able to use you to do the '
exploits' the Lord's people
will be doing in the End Time.

And with these demonic restrictions that are being placed on world wide travel, we shall have to use some pretty radical methods
in the future, including teleporting if you have the faith for it. If you truly want to win and save the Lord's lost sheep.   So
therefore for any that aren't foolish and flippant here's a magical post that shows a few of these principles. Consequently  just
discern between its truths and its errors and go beyond and I do mean beyond if you have true faith for all things are possible to
him or her that believeth.

IMO ...... Davidjayjordan       Enjoy and learn ......


The secret to developing nearly any psychic ability is to pretend that you have it already and practice trying to use it. If it doesn't
work at first, don't make up excuses, just understand that these things take time and try again later. The same applies here.

With this in mind, imagine yourself in the location to which you wish to teleport. Don't just pretend that you see your body,
third-person, in the place that you want to be. In your mind, form a detailed picture of what you'd be seeing if you really were
there. If you can't form a fairly clear picture of your desired surroundings, you could probably use a little extra training in
visualization. As for where to see yourself, start with a fairly close, familiar place, working up to further and further places as
your talents grow. I'd advise against trying to look at a place that may contain human or animal life just yet. Doing so will make
your visualizations more complicated than they should be and will cause some problems. Best to keep the local simple, but
detailed. At first, things will be quite dark and hazy, though eventually, things will clear up as your visualizations grow in
strength. In time, you'll be able to perceive distant locations with clarity. This faculty is often called clairvoyance or remote
viewing. A good test for your ability to see remote locations is to have a friend set a clock to the wrong time in another room in
your home. If you can stand in another room and tell what time the clock says by seeing yourself there, you've made significant
progress. Reward yourself somehow.

Enjoy your new ability, but don't rest on your laurels just yet. Continue your visualization exercises until you can see any
location, near or far, empty or populated, sparse or cluttered, without any trouble in full, life-like detail and precision. You might
also consider trying to see  places that you've never been before, then going to those places later to verify your  visions. Enjoy the
smug grin that will paint your face when  the place is exactly as you saw it before. If it's not, don't feel bad. You're still learning.

At some point or another, you'll notice that you're practicing as usual and suddenly you find yourself physically in the locality
you've been  perceiving. Usually, a combination of your own surprise, the budding nature of your ability and the "laws" of Static
Reality will cause you to  snap back to your starting place with jolt and often a headache (Or so I'm told.)

That's all okay, thouh. Either try again now, or try again later, but the most important part is that you try again. You've almost
achieved your goal. The magician without tenacity shall never realize his potential.       Okay, so let's say that while you can see
the places that you visualize in precise detail and color, and every place that you perceive before physically visiting is exactly the
same, down to the scuff on the wall and the coffee stain on the carpet. However, you still can't teleport. What to do? Hmmm...
Good question...The first thing that I'd suggest that you do is to start projecting your other senses to remote locations as well.

If you haven't done it yet, the sense of hearing is a good place to start, followed by touch, followed by smell and taste(if you
really want to). Watch out where smell, though. 'Enough said. Something else that you ought to try is to "imagine" your body
being there and how it feels to be there. Yet another excercise that I'd suggest would be to "move" around, changing your vantage
point and the location of your imagined body.

If by the time you can project all of you senses to the other place, as well as seeing your body as being there and you can move
about, as well, but still can't teleport, I'm afraid that I don't know what to say. If you are seeing yourself as there, and can move
around, you might as well call it a success. Think of it this way: If you can do all of that without actually teleporting,  you have an
advantage over those who project their actual bodies in that no matter where you project, you are in no danger of harm befalling
your physical body. If that doesn't cut it for you, you might as well try to "will" yourself to the place that you want to go. That
is how you got this far, after all. (end of excerpt)


The End or the Beginning of your journey, but remember you have to always travel with the Lord and never by yourself. In His
Time and Not your Own, in His Will Not your own, in His Power and not another Spiritual Power. Otherwise it is dangerous. All
the best in your travels.

Human Flight)

In His Power

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