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                       Teleportation using Magic Square of Sun

Teleportation is the spatial rearrangement of electrons into the exact formation of an object or human being from one place to
another. It is done at light speed, but not at random or as a whole, but surely a transmission stream of information. And surely it
must be done harmonically and with balance, otherwise the transferred object would suffer loss and integrity or even loss of its
own life.

So I would assume the only way this could be done is via magic squares, a three dimensional cube of space that has a sequential
order that always stays in balance, and when completed has equal rows and columns numerically. To evrything and place there is
a season and TIME and information for every space.

And what more perfect magic square might be the template of teleportation than the Magic Square of the Sun/Son. Its pathways
of sequential order make or draw out a phi or golden section pyramid (according to Gerard’s research in Canada) SEE
Diagram. Below  and be aware that the greatest TEMPLE is
New Jerusalem a Phi Pyramid and our bodies, the Temple of the
Lord's Spirit are also PHI-templated. SEE
Sacred Architecture and Phi Design of our Bodies

And as a phi pyramid it contains the characteristics of phi spirals where alignment, spins, keep their properties even as they flow
outward to or from the center. This interestingly needed to keep electron spins when teleported via a phi spiral exactly the same
as when at that their original location.  So consider that just as magic squares and their alignment in a magnetic field or the earthâ
€™s magnetic field can levitate, why could not this same principle apply to teleportation transfer via the same orderly
pathways. For again do note that in retaining the spin of electrons which determines what qualities they transmite that via pairing
in the orbits of electrons, the Lord seems to have balanaced their spins in the elements by coupling them. SEE
Sexual Valences
Elemental Numbers. In other words, elements when created must also have balanced symetry to give them stability and hence
their numbers must also show this balance and symetrye  in their sequential order at all times.

For rather than a mere two dimensional magic square, a three dimensional magic cube would fill up space given the time to exist.
And seeing 37 is the Fine Structure Constant of electrons, SEE
Hand of God then is it no wonder that 37 is an integral consistent
balanced part of the Magic Square of the Sun/Son

37 x 3 = 111 on faces, and slices of the square in the rows and columns.  SEE
111 is the Gateway and Graph below

And seeing this Fine Structure Constant is the
boundary between existence and non-existance in
time, between being in the spirit and invisible AND
becoming visable in the physical world, then its 37
corelation with the Lords Magic Square could very
well be, the pathway formation sequence in order, in
reconstructing a visable object thru the spirit of invis-
ibility to another place top re-enter the physical world.

As above so below, meaning the size of this creative
process does not have to be at the macro-scopic level of
the stars SEE
Phi Spiral of Creation ONLY but applies
as a precept and pathwaydesign of the Lord,in His
microcosm as well.

It levitates into place and then when completed falls into the local gravity in the reality of the time and place it has been put into
to. In three dimensions, the Magic Square Cube of the Sun would have summations of a whole sliced row of 666.And this
multiple of 111 is not evil, but only evil when copied by the
Evil AC in His Name. 111 as mentioned is the Gateway, and
multiples or octaves of its musical scale
444 and 888 being significantly attached to Jesus himself via the numbers of His Creation.

But let's also consider the total number of individual numbers in a  6 x 6 x 6 cube, and they obviously come out to 216 sequential
numbered squares. Is 216, a special number that relates directly to Creation. Of course it is, as the Moon is approximately  
216,000 miles from us while being  2160 miles in idameter. By chance, absolutely not, as its ratios of distance and diamter size
are directly linked to the Lord's DESIGN. Again golden section porportioned as in basic sacred geometry. The Earth and Moon
conjoined forming a phi pyramid. SEE
Sacred Geometry and Earth Moon Graphics. Are you seeing the consistent templates and
design of the Lord in His Architecture ?
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Graph by Gerard in Canada