David Jay
Teaching Abstinence at 'Schools'
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Abstinence should not be taught by the worldly devoid school system to our children, in our opinion. They are not the moral
religious teachers of our children but we, their parents are. It is our right and priviledge and we should mainly be doing it by
example rather than 'moralizing'. Besides the school system hardly ever gets anything right including the teaching of the sciences
so how in the world can they ever teach the laws of the heart.

Yes, they have a captive audience and congregation with our kids, and the majority of school boards and teachers tend to think
they are 'gods' and so must step in and educate our kids. But forcing 'abstinenece thinking' on our kids or young adults, without
allowing them to make the choice for themselves is harmful. Yes, they obviously can choose to abstain, if they personnally decide
to do so, but they should not be intimidated into choosing 'abstinence', neither should they be over inundated with extreme fear of
what could go wrong nor made to feel evil if they don't follow the 'abstinence dogma' taught them.

Sure the system tries to keep them immature way beyond the years when they are physically ready to mate and love, this
because the system doesn't trust them enough to give them the responsibilities that would make them mature. The church and the
political economic system falsely telling them they can't be mature enough to have sex before they get jobs in their twenties. This
mainly because the older generation doesn't incorporate them into their work force when they are young..

This trememndous gap between when the Lord makes them physically mature and hormonal to the time when the system say
they can proceed can cause immense frustrations within them. So I would say, let them decide on their own in their own time and
space via their parents example and from what they see. Factual information could be provided, but fear tactics shouldn't be
employed. For conversely and in fact, 'abstinence' has been shown to cause as many or more sexual and emotional problems as
sexual activity. And can be a great stumbling block mentally in becoming sexually active, later on in life..

The Lord created sex and created the timeline for when sex was possible not man and his insane economic pyschological timeline.
So if abstinence was to be taught the advanatages of masturbation should also be taught, and the possible advantages of loving
before marriage should be taught. But would an anti-sex church or anti-sex political system allow this teaching, absolutely NOT.
Hence they should stay out of morality education ALTOGETHER.

Canada, when we opposed their teaching of suicide as a pro-active positive option for bored teenagers, they refused to take out
that required textbook from the classrooms. I and we spent two whole years fighting them and yet to no avail, and all the letters
from all the officials all the way up to the federal level, stated that the students wouldn't be dumb enough to take these
pro-suicide doctrines seriously. So don't look to politicians or teachers groups for moral leadership.

For how in heaven can the school system ever teach a balanced factual, abstinence to teenagers. It would be absolutely
impossible. Besides, one topic and possible solution such as abstinenece or no abstinenece teaching will never cure the multitude
of problems and anti-Christian anti-sexual principles incorporated into the worlds systems. The whole system would have to be
changed to make it godly and sexually positive. You would have to change the whole ciriculum at school, the atitude of teachers,
the whole basis of education away from materialism to real Christian education in the real Christian world, etc etc. etc.. And that
isn't going to happen until the Millinium when the Lord takes over, so I don't think abstinenece or no abstinence is the answer.

So when it was wrtitten.""On the other hand, I think no amount of Bible-bashing or moralising is going to stop young adults
from experimenting with sex."" I would say because we here, who will always be a minority until the Lord rules and reigns, if we
were properly going to Bible bash, which we shouldnt.... we would be advocating the positive sexual aspects of real love and its
costs and benefits to teenagers according to all the positive faith building aspects the Lord talks about in the Bible and in His
Biological design. But we surely like the Lord Himself prefer showing real love between us and our mates at home in private,
where our kids can see a real example of love rather than a hypothetical one. That's where their real education comes from OR
where they reject our words that might say differently than our actions. We, their parents are their main teachers, and we have the
great respinsibility of being real loving samples (howbeit imperfect) of love, forgiveness, responsibility, and maturity.

As for waiting, and waiting to mate and marry. One young leader was asked, Aren't your followers rather young. And
he wisely responded, 'No, any of them could die tommorrow and so have to be considered 'old'.  IE, No one is promised
tommorrow, so we better choose and live wisely today.... And let's not be sexist or look down on the young, as any can be wiser
and more mature than us. Maturity comes from the heart and does NOT necessarily come with age.

Just my thoughts and our thoughts.

Love in Jesus, our Teacher

David and Trixie