Everyone has influence, everyone by their words and actions are ...


We are all teachers, athough some of us might consider ourselves anything but teachers, the truth is we areALL teachers.
For whether we act like a teacher or post like a teacher or talk like ateacher it matters not, for we are still teachers in the
Lord's eyes. For both by ouractions and lack of actions, both by our words or by our lack of words
we are being an example to others and are therefore in a very true sense teaching others how to act ornot act, how to
speak or keep silent. We are all teachers !!

But with the Lord who is recording what we know and what we do with what we know in His accounting books, we are
responsible for what we teach to others. Yet as babes in Christ we seem more responsible and more aware of this fact than
when we get older in the Lord. For early on, we are self-driven to share what we know. The thrill of knowing
the Lord hits us and we want to share with the whole world despite our so called short-comings. Even if we only know
John 3:16 We want to teach it to others.

So why should this passion lessen with time? Is it because we have stopped learning from the Lord and receiving from
the Lord? Is it because we have gotten out of practice sharing what we know with other? Have we lost that teaching
inspiration that Salvation first gave us? Are we more comfortable, not sharing than we are with sharing? The
questions are endless but really should be answered individually, and personally with the Lord. Why, because He does
make us responsible for BOTH what we know, OR could have known……. how many talents we have or how many
talents we could have acquired. (Read Mathew 25: 12-46 )

I mean the world teaches and indoctrinates us with propaganda and its worldliness and unbelief from our births and
more so through our schooling years and even beyond and if we sit back and do nothing and share nothing and keep
silent in the face of this onslaught, then the responsibility and quilt is ours, because we didn’t teach others

This isn't a popular thing to say, but we are RESPONSIBLE for our actions or our in-actions. If we aren't moving
forward as individuals, then surely we are moving backwards. We may not be able to move the world in a day or a week
or a month, but surely we do have to get our engines started so that the Lord's sheep can be reached.

And similarly prophetically speaking, things aren't going to get easier for us, and we are NOT going to get magical
faith to start sharing more because the times are more difficult. So shouldn't we all try to do as much as we can for the
Lord right now and not put things off too far into the future. Can we procrastinate even witnessing and teaching in the
far realms of dreamland or should we start with little efforts here and now.

Surely the truth is that we are ALL teachers and all our combined knowledge of the Lord needs to be used to reach the
Lord's sheep in the End-Time. All of us have positive things we can pass on to others, even if we know only one verse, it
can be more than a non-Christian knows and it might be the exact time they need it and will receive it. So
why not teach it.

In His Service

Jay (Jordan Fisherman)

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