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Tabernacle of the SUN (SON)

  The Lord is the Creator and as such made everything including Light and Light Speed (Genesis 1). He then created the stars and planets and SUN, and MOON
and EARTH in the exact pathways circumferences and at the exact perfect distances from each other. (SEE  
Magic Ratios). So let's now look at the Solar System
which is the Center of the Universe. (SEE
The Earth is the center of the Universe). The literal Sun being representative of the true, One and ONLY Son of God. It
is in exact proportion in size to the Moon and its diameter, in a 430 to 1 ratio. This is why we can have solar eclipses where's the moons diameter completely
and exactly covers the spherical ball of the Sun (Son). This is not by accident but by design.

  And when we understand sacred geometry where the Moon's radius of 1080 miles is added to the Earth's radius of 3960 miles, then we discover the magic
proportions of beauty and power called PHI. And with this beautiful proportion also templated into our own bodies, we discover that this
PHI proportion was
used to design Pyramids such as the Great Pyramid and
NEW Jerusalem which is also a pyramid. With the Sun as the capstone of a pyramid that extends to the
circle of the Earth's revolution around the Sun. There are seven pyramids around the Sun, in one solar year of 365.24 days. (SEE Book of Enoch and Science

  Hence 7 times an angle of 51.43 degrees equals 360 degrees. And if a degree equals a day, we have yet to finish a whole year and the HOLY DAYS of 5.24 must
be accounted for, to bring us into HARMONY of a complete cycle. This being exactly why, the
Lord's COMMA, (Known by Pathagorus from the Egyptians
must be used to harmonize sound). This Comma, or mathematical absolute of 365.24/360 = 1.0014 is the tuning frequency that harmonises our seven octave scale
of life. (SEE
Sacred Geometry and Music). So with this in mind, our solar cycle is not just a random measure of time, but tuned to the Lord's TIMING.

  For again, it takes light 500 seconds to get to us (And amazingly can in one second circum-navigate the Earth seven times) SEE
http://www.hartrao.ac.za/other/howfar/howfar.html, and 500 is said to be the height of the Great Pyramid as well as the prophetic distance in inches of the Great
Pyramid Passageways. (SEE Great Pyramid Prophecy).

  Hence from capstone to our Base in Earth, it takes 500 seconds for the Light of the Lord to reach us, exactly the same as the ratio of 500 feet to the Base of the
Great Pyramid. Base to base is the same 500 seconds, or 500 feet. And when you understand that New Jerusalem is just a 10,000 to one magnification of the
Giza Pyramid, then the same co-relations exist. Seconds to feet, or as with light as we are find out one nanosecond to one foot.

  For 500 feet is very prominent and important in prophecy, literature, and therefore in literal height because of this co-relation back to the macrocosm of the
Tabernacle of the SON... And it is for this reason that the Great Pyramid, the Cydonia mound, and Glastonbury Tor were all 500 feet in height. And there's more
because in the Great Pyramid, 500 feet or 6000 inches represented the 6000 years of man's history. One inch = one year . ....  meaning not only distance was
designed for sacred purposes but time as well. There is a definite co-relation between distance and light speed, and hence distance and speed, and as the equation
states TIME. Distance equals Speed times Time.

  But for further confirmation take the distance of our Earth from the Sun, 93,000,000 miles, and divide it by the speed of Light of 96,000 miles per second and
its answer comes out to 500 seconds for light from the Sun (SON) to get to us. But at light speed in one whole second light travels one billion feet, or in one
nanosecond, light travels one foot.

  "One nanosecond -- a billionth of a second -- is the speed at which transistors in today's computers turn on and off to represent the ones and zeros of binary
logic and arithmetic. It is a time-duration so short that light, which can speed seven times around Earth in the second between our heartbeats, travels only one
foot." (From
http://www.cmxr.com/Home/Education/Timescale.htm -- and do notice, it is at this speed that our crystaline computers function and work SEE
Sexy Star of David)So Light Speed is related to one foot or 12 inches...

   And 33 hertz or sound is related to light speed by SEE
http://www.klatu.com/lix/index.html and because 33 hertz is the resonant frequency of  quartz crystals
and the inside frequency of pyramids like the Great Pyramid, New Jerusalem and then it is easy to understand why 33 is also correlated to light speed in the
greater temple of the Lord, the Tabernacle of the SUN. You can even see it graphically ....... So don't tell me, the Lord isn't the Designer of the Solar System and
Heavens, and us. His sound and light and laws, speeds and distances all harmonize together beautifully.


David Jay Jordan
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