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    Tabernacle - Vesicia Pisces - Female Genitalia

.The First temple of the Lord was His Tabernacle for the Children of Israel in the wilderness. But it was just in correspondance
to the greatest temple of all, the female human divine BODY. (SEE
The Temple of the Lord is human ).
For as can be seen, the proportions of the Tabernacle correspond to the classic and basic formation of the Vescica Pisces,
(in blue above ). This is how the two mated circles form the third.circle, or how the Two making love make the MANY.
For it is from this Vescica Pisces, in sacred geometry that the many are born. In Christianity, it is how the Father and
Mother  ( God and the
Holy Spirit )  created all creation.

And sexually, it is easy to notice that the Vescica Pisces corresponds to the 'female genitalia' for out of her portal of love
is born 'new life'
Why, because the Lord of Lords, Jesus created both male and female, and SEX. (SEE Jesus created Sex )  Isn't He
amazing ! !
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