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                                           Summary of the Great Pyramid Prophecy

All the following articles in Blue, concerning the Great Pyramid of Giza, show that the Lord designed the
Pyramid as a prophetic marker in TIME. Measurements indicate that the distance from the Entrance to
the Kings Chamber add up to 6007 inches. Using the ratio of one inch equals one year, this would mean
that from
Creation in 4004 B.C. until the Entranceway to the King's Chamber (Jesus)  and the End
Times in the early 2000's. This being when the Lord, the King of Kings, gathers His Bride into His

Each of the numbered posts below, give the reasoning behind these measurements and calculations, with
co-relations in hyperlinks. So if interested in the Lord's timetable as shown in the only remaining 7
wonders of the world, do study this and
Biblical Prophecy, to understand that we are in the LAST
DAYS, and it was even incorporated as prophecy in the design of the Lord's Great Pyramid.

1 - Entranceway to Pit (Flood)    Descending Passage Way          4004 B.C. to  2348 B.C.
2-  Flood Until Christ                Ascending Passageway               2348 B.C. to     30 A.D.          
3 - Christ Triangle                                                                         4 B.C. to     30 A.D.
4 - Christ to Great Step               Grand Gallery  to Altar Stone       30 A.D. to  1615 A.D.
5 - Altar Stone Step to King's Chamber                                   1674.A.D. to  2004 A.D.
6000 Year Timeline                                                  6000 =  4004 B.C. to  1997 A.D.
Additional 21 years                                                               1997 A.D. to  2017 A.D.
Last 7 years                                                                          2013 A.D. to  2020 A.D.

In His Service


Dec. 2006
   Start of Great Tribulation
                   2nd Coming 2020
                    Cleansed Temple
                    Start of
Millenial                            Rule of
Jacob's Trouble 21 Years - End