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The Last Seven Years before the Lord's Second Coming, is started by a Peace Covenant. It comes about because a Mid East
War escalates so that it effects the whole world and threatens to even destroy the world's economies. This Covenant of Ten
Nations is suppose to resolve the Mid East and Arab/Palestinian problem so that Israel will have assurances of peace, so as to
build their 3rd Temple, (on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem). This construction starting with 'Daily Sacrifices' before the
Temple' as in Old Testament times.

Meanwhile with the passing of time, three of the Western countries that caused trouble before, again get so aggressive, that a
unilateral nuclear war breaks out with Russia and their newly installed Russian President. The three kingdoms, toes, ribs, or
Western countries are negated, and the Russian victor marches onto Israel and Jerusalem and takes it intact, so as to use the
Temple for his new world government and religious center. He first stops the sacrificing before the Temple, and then with a
little time, he sets up the 'Abomination of Desolations. super computer inside the Temple. He then declares himself God, when
in fact he becomes the Anti-Christ. He, therefore also declares war against all, that refuse his econopmic, political, and religious
Mark (of the Beast).

The Lord's people have 'gathered' by this point, and en-masse and together and unified under the direction and leadership of the
'Two (Christian) Witness' flee to the wilderness. The Lord protecting and providing for us on our journey and at Petra where
we live until His Coming. Yet during those days, our Witnesses or Christian prophets, bring down the judgments of God upon
the Anti-Christ world. This via the seven trumpets, the last one being the SECOND COMING of the Lord in the clouds. We
get delivered from defeat into total victory and go to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, but return at its conclusion to follow
the Lord down to Earth for the Battle of Armegeddon. It being the last vial that is poured upon the Earth after our departure or

From HERE, the Lord starts His reign of a thousand years called the Millennium. This all very straightforward and easy to
understand. Please SEE hyerlinks for details. And learn the approximate time frames for each event, as the End Times all
becomes comprehensible, logical, and spiritual. All combining together for the Consummation of ALL World History with all
the fulfilled prophecies of all the prophets.

Basic Tine Line of Events

Daniel 2
Daniel 7
Daniel 8
Daniel 9

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