Obviously all the stone structures of our ancestors were not built by the sweat of their brow, especially to such exact
precision, that can NOT be matched by our so-called advanced technology of today.

So it is no wonder, that some like Leedskalnin at Coral Castle, was able to single handedly lift and place in position huge coral
blocks just as our ancestors must have done. No wonder, it is said that he literally sang to these stones to levitate them. So
when we hear that Merlin, moved stones to Stonehenge while signing to them, we shouldn’t be shocked, its very possible,
just as the Tibetians have been seen levitating stones via their voices and instruments. (SEE Sonic Stone Levitation)
Consequently it can also be very very possible as Edgar Casey suggested, that the Great Pyramid was built through singing
and the voices of its godly builders.(SEE Enoch built the Pyramid)

For even though superconductivity and Cooper pairs was not officially known by our generation until the 1980's. it
obviously was present since the Creation, even though now we call the field produced by superconductivity a Meisner field.
For Meiser may have discovered it but he didn’t create it, it has always been with us…..and its a diamagetic field. (SEE
Human leviatation)

Diamagnetic fields oppose all other magnetic fields and can absorb energy from other fields when it is sufficiently strong.
(Just like orgonic energy, attracting like charges. (SEE Orgone Energy and Reich)     For recently it has been seen that living
things not normally magnetic can be leviatated, using diamagnetic or superconducting magnetic meisner fields. This showing
that any object can be levitated if the magnetic field strength is strong enough.

The Earths Magnetic Field lines, (Ley Lines and Alignment) help greatly in this, as it the Earth’s energy that is harnessed
in the power to leviatate. Consequently location can mean everything, as this power resides more according to the earth’s
magnetic grid, longitude and latitude. (SEE Magnetic Human Pyramid Levitation)

The one thing left to understand is the relationship between the human body as the Divine Creation of God, for it is with us
that orgone energy can be attracted into. (SEE Reich’s Discoveries and Holy Ghost)

We must therefore understand the nature of the DESIGN of the Lord, in creating us via the GOLDEN SECTION. (SEE Body
and Golden Section) This created vortixes within us at each Chakra. Our Aura being a biomagnetic or meisner field that is by
its inherent nature diamagnetic…. while the Chakras are spinning Magnetic Energy Vortices.

Hence a superconducting condition creates the Aura's diamagnetic field, so that each of us can have power if filled with His
orgonic Holy Spirit. In other words, We can be LIVING SUPERCONDUCTORS.

But as many as received Him (Jesus) to them gave He the POWER to BECOME the sons of God, even to them that believe
on His Name (YHWH or Jesus)

For as you might have already read or done, by joining the vortices of several people together in the proper configuration with
respect to the Earths field we can generate a larger interaction and hence do "Party Levitation". This also explains how the
Stones of Shivapur are able to be levitated.

For similarly certain sound frequencies are resonant with the stones and the ratios of dimensions of the Lord’s Temples,
whether the Tabernacle, Temple or Stone Great Pyramid of Giza, and its King Chamber and Sarcophagus.

It just takes a build up of electrical orgonic charge as in Searle’s Flying Disc’s bubbles to create anti gravity and
directional control. (SEE Searle’s Flying Disc’s). Hence Leedskalnin singing to his stones induced resonantly an
amplified diamagnetic field in his chakras body of sufficient strength to which then by touching the stone enveloped it and
levitated the stones on the Earth grid magnetic field lines. (SEE Laying on of Hands)

Searle using the equality and balance of magic squares and its LAW to empower his vechicles. These magic squares of
precession and order, being culminated in the MAGIC SQUARE of the Sun or SON, meaning Jesus.

Its 111 addition by rows and columns in whatever direction, and couplings of 37 in total balance, get right back to the
archetype of creation. And how 111 is the gateway once a temple ramp has been ascended, or the numbers have been added
or joined tgoether in a specific route.

SEE Gerts illustrative drawings and all the meanings and confirmations of 37 111 and 33 and the spiral ascent to the capstone.
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