Study, then DO IT by FAITH  

A poster asked for solid Bible evidence so that his wife and him could continue to add a male to their
lovemaking, as the wife is now having doubts about it. My response to S**** Not their real name) is below,
what's your advise ?


S****, forget the solid absolute evidence that she can have another part time or sometime husband, for it comes
down to her faith, and your faith. Without faith, it ain't a goin to happen as a real threesome or part time

Too many Christians insanely look strictly to the past tense Old Testament for so-called absolute evidence to
have free sexuality. It ain't there absolutely, and it certainly isn't there NOW, when the early church choose
Paul's anti-sexual opinion as dogma. (Go by
JESUS'S WORDS and life and His Conditions and His LAW OF

You too, can discover truths in the Bible Old and New testasment and then have to just place your hearts and
souls before the Lord in FAITH and ask for his blessings and do it in FAITH with His blessings
by FAITH. (Without faith it is impossible to please the Lord. Hebrews 11 -

You are doing it out of love for your wife, she is doing it for pleasure or love...which is not a sin. The guy is
doing it for pleasure and/or lover. So where's the sin. But if you two think it is a sin, then it remains a sin. Your
fault, your problem, So to be blunt, do your simple research, and then do it by FAITH, knowing sex
is not a sin when done in love.


Not complicated, doesn;t take years of church research. Study Dave's board,
our board , http://www.geocities.com/davidjayjordan/SexualMysteries.html other Christian boards, but I would
suggest staying away from vacuum church philosophies that state, if the Lord didn't say against it in his laws, it
is legitimate, then you can sneak in and do it according to Old testament Law. (Ugh, for all things are done before
Him and all things are covered by His law of LOVE. We don't have to sneak around and pretend He didn;t speak
of what we are doing sexually. Not so.) All things we do, we do before the Lord, and the Lord would love to see
you making your wife happy, she's happy, you're happy, and the guy's happy and so happiness increases.
That's LOVE DO IT !! (with a little study and then straight forward honest prayer and decision making by
FAITH. The Lord blesses FAITH and going out on the limb by FAITH)

In His Love

David and Trixie


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