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Let me give you a progressive study GUIDE, so that you can learn precept by precept without getting tripped up by certain
rocks in the road upwards. All you have to do is follow along, until you absolutely learn the principle involved in that precept,
so you can advance to the next level, or an adjacent confirming precept. All the articles on our website are able to be
independantly researched, but you have to take the TIME to do so. Study to show thyself approved before the Lord. It is the
glory of God to conceal a matter, but the honor of kings and queens to search them out. This to establish and make firm your
FOUNDATION in the Lord. You have to build your house or structure or belief system on the ROCK.

Believe it or not, all the different sub-boards on our web-site are directly and inter-related and confirm one another. None of
them stand alone, as all truths verify and establish other truths, this whether scientific, biological or physical, historical,
mathematical etc. etc..... Hence a scientific truth is a bible truth as all truths come from our Creator, and His Creation based on
all physical scientific truths. Jesus is the truth and created all truths.

Spiritually of course, you have to know the Creator (Jesus) before you start this journey and hopefully you have asked HIM
for His/Her Holy Spirit as she is the Master Teacher, who can instruct you on all things as you use your God given brains to
educate yourself in any and all fields you choose.

So the precursors are

1. SALVATION  Know you have salvation based on FAITH in Jesus, Our Saviour who died for us. Know your works, do not
save you. Be absolutely certain of these precepts, through Jesus' WORDS, lifestyle, and your own experiences, and know it in
your heart and brain BOTH.

2. Its best to know you have received the HOLY SPIRIT, the comforter and TEACHER, who can not only straighten out
learning difficulties but also bring truths back to your remembrance as she promised. The HOLY SPIRIT has to be your
teacher, and not fears into conformity, with what men and religions teach. So with HIM in your heart, and the female HOLY
SPIRIT quiding you, you are ready to begin.

ONE ..... Know the principle of EQUALITY thoroughly. First understand that either gender or all genders are ALL equal.
Neither sex is greater or more angelic than the other. You have to get away from the lies of the inequality of the genders.
Gender is NOT a major determinant at all, the Lord looks at our heart, motivations, bravery, etc. and not our gender or
genitalia. If you know this... absolutely, then proceed to the corresponding truth.  

SECOND, Study EQUALITY OF THE RACES. Totally understand that no nationality or group, or race or specific religion is
a favourite of the Lord. He treats all the same, his laws of love and life apply to ALL equally and ALL are treated fairly, either
in this life or the next. The Lord is not a sexist or a racist. He has no favourite people. No race is any better than any other
race, nationality or elitist group. Quote all the supposed scriptures in the epistles etc.... that supposedly contradict this
principle you like, but until you absolutely know that all us humans are exactly the same and equal before HIM, you will never
progress. For you must know that this equality principle of the Lord, will quide mentally and in real life ...... has to spring
from a deep conviction and personal knowledge from experience. It can not be merely a theoretical belief. You must know and
believe in EQUALITY, and that you are a 'sinner' just like every other person on EARTH... For like all others, you can only be
saved by the Grace and MERCY of the Lord, according to His Sacrifice for us. Do you believe it, and know it, then proceed.

THREE .... To cement what you have learned already, study and realise that the HOLY SPIRIT IS FEMALE, it can help you
in so many ways, NOT to honour a gender, or favour men over women or women over men. It will also help you establish, the
groundwork basis of a foundation in LOVE and SHARING, that the EARLY CHURCH had.
The Lord is God, and created male and female. From this precept and absolute principle, you can go in many different
directions in your search and searches, but an absolute MUST before you do so... is learning that indeed and in truth and in
science and every way possible, the LORD did creat male and female and everything else.mentioned....

FOUR .... Therefore before proceeding further, you must absolutely KNOW that the LORD IS THE CREATOR and not
chance or evolution. You must free your mind from the lies of false science, before you can open your mind to real science and
the real laws of the UNIVERSE. You have to learn to discern and see the exactness and beauty and DESIGN of the Lord.
Without this basis, and strength of mind, you might succumb to a fear of science or worse a fear of studying biology, physics,
math and all the other sciences created by the LORD. You have to learn through a study of science not to fear knowledge, and
not to be intimidated by man and his trickery and deceptions. You have to learn to use your God-given and created BRAIN,
and via the Holy Spirit progress logically and intellectually through your journey of life.

NOW with these precepts or principles in your mind and heart, you can easily explore TRUE HISTORY, SEXUALITY,

Choose any of our sub-boards, and study that truth that joins and confirms the GREATER TRUTH, all created by the LORD
(JESUS). If you have diffculty in understanding that concept, follow the hyperlinks on that page or confirm through further
internet study yourself. Precept by precept and stone by stone you can build your house upon the ROCK (JESUS), so that
your house or FAITH can survive anything. God Bless YOU, if you do.

Onward Christian Soldiers....


Preparing and Studying for the End Times