David Jay Jordan's

           Stone of Coronation
                Stone of Destiny
                        Stone of Prophecy

In 1950 BC , Jacob lays his head on a rock, has a
dream of God, and calls the rock "House of God."
His family carries that rock around for the next 38
centuries. It becomes their symbolic throne, their
water supply, the type of their coming Deliverer,
their coronation symbol, and it even roars when the
proper king is crowned. (Reposted directly from

Gen 28:10-14 Jacob puts his pillows on a rock, dreams of a ladder to heaven.
Gen 28:18-22 He sets up the rock for a pillar (of witness), annoints it with oil, naming it
             "Beth-el"; Jacob also names the place Beth-el (House of God)
Gen 31:13 God validates Jacob's "Bethel" name and annointing.
Gen 35:9-15 Jacob's name is changed to Israel, God reconfirms His promises, Jacob again
               annoints and names the place Bethel.
Gen 49:24 The Stone of Israel (Jacob); the Shepherd is passed on to Joseph
Josh 24:24-27 Joshua sets up the Stone at Shechem for a witness.
I Kin 12:1 Rehoboam goes to Shechem (in Ephraim) to be crowned king of Judah.
I Kin 12:25 Shechem is established as the capitol of the kingdom of Israel.
II Kin 11:13-14( II Chr 23:13) Joash is crowned by a pillar, "as the manner was."
II Kin 23:3(II Chr 34:31) Josiah's covenant by a pillar.
Jud 9:1,6 Abimelech is Gideon's son; he is crowned by the pillar at Shechem.
Hos 3:4 Israel is to be without a standing pillar.

ALL references are to a specific rock. Not "a" rock, not "some" rock, not "rock", but THE rock.

1. Ex 17:1-6 God stands on THE rock
2. Num 20:7-11 THE rock(four times) at tabernacle door.
3. Deut 8:15 THE rock of flint
4. Deut 32:13-15 Honey/oil of THE rock
5. Neh 9:15 water from THE rock
6. Ps 78:15-16 streams out of THE rock
7. Ps 78:20 smote THE rock
8. Ps 81:16 honey out of THE rock
9. Ps 105:41 he opened THE rock
10.Ps 114:8 turned THE rock
11.Is 48:21 clave THE rock (twice)
12.I Cor 10:4 spiritual Rock; THAT Rock was Christ

1. Coronation stone rejected for Solomon's temple--Ency. Freemasonry, 1921
2. Mt 21:42; Mk 12:10; Lu 20:17 Jesus quotes Psalm 118
3. Ps 118:22 The stone which the builders refused......
4. Acts 4:11 Peter says Jesus was the stone refused
5. I Cor 10:4 "And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock
        that went with them: and that Rock was Christ."

He dreams at Moriah. He annoints and names the stos mentioned in Genesis, originally Jacob used the stone as a pillow.
While sleeping on  it he received a vision from God, which claimed that his seed would spread across the Earth  and rule
as Kings until their return to the Promised Land. Jacob took the stone after  awaking and  anointed it with oil as a holy
relic. For a time the stone rested in the temple at Jerusalem. In  602 BC, Jerusalem was sacked and destroyed by King
Nebuchadnezzar, king of  Babylon. It  is said that Jeremiah along with two daughters of King David's line escaped with
the  'Stone',  and after a journey through Egypt, Sicily and Spain the Stone arrived in Ireland. The  facts that  the
original Stone disappeared and the new stone appeared in Ireland soon  afterwards lend  credibility to this story. Another
interesting fact that lends credibility is the Irish story of  the  Tuatha de Danann, when translated this apparently means
the people of Danann. One  of the  12 tribes of Israel was known as Dan. (SEE
Ten Missing Tribes of Israel)

The coronation stone which sits in Westminster Abbey, England, is the coronation stone of the
Hebrew nation called Israelites. (Compare
End-Time King David's Coronation)  This stone was named Beth-el  -house of
God-  by the patriarch Israel, sometimes called Jacob, roughly 2000 BC and remained with his descendents. It travelled
with them for forty years in the wilderness, supplying their water, and was preserved and brought to Ireland in 583 BC by
the prophet Jeremiah; eventually being transferred to Scotland, then England.

Please click on
http://asis.com/~stag/stone.html Notice the groove worn deeply into the Rock between the two metal rings.
This would have to result from many years of carrying the Rock on a pole. And this had to have happened before 583 BC
when Jeremiah brought the Rock to Ireland, because it has been moved a very few miles in the last 2500 years. This
groove is the result of being carried around the wilderness for forty years. Irish legend says that any imposter or
unrightful heir to the throne would be known by the fact that the stone would ROAR, ONLY when the rightful king
stood on it. (End of reposting)
For  there is a controversy over whether the real Coronation Stone is under the Throne of England, or hidden in Ireland
or Scotalnd awaiting it's sacred destiny to annoint our King in the
Latter Days.  As it is evident the lineage of David did
not go through British Royality, but will be fulfilled by our
King David, of the End Time. For he shall need the
coronation stone to be rightly crowned as the King of our
New Nation in the wilderness. For more details continue on
with this Mystery of
King David's Coronation in the Last Days.