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   Stonehenge isn't that mysterious, for it has been proven to be a religious monument of standing stones set up as a calendar for the ancient Druids. They didn't
come up with their template for their complex, by themselves. But obviously, they had angelic help in designing it, using information that only spiritual beings would
have access to. For if you have read the Biblical passages in Genesis 6, the fallen angels that mated with the daughters of men, had passed on the Lord's scientific
truths to mankind. (SEE
Stolen information)

   This information was from then on usually misused and perverted for their own evil purposes, yet this is the origination of the supernatural celestial relationships
incorporated into their stone structure design.

   Stonehenge was meant to represent the 'squared circle' or the 'breath of life' or in heavenly body terms, the Earth (female) circled by the Moon (male).For in
religious terms, the Moon was never considered evil. For even the Hebrews were directed by the Lord to base their calendar on the MOON or approximately 13 lunar
periods to a year. All the feast days and holy days were correlated to the MOON phases as well as the planting of seeds and harvest, etc. They did not have a solar
calendar, but a lunar one, as prescribed by the LORD, the Creator of the Sun and MOON himself. (SEE
Earth, Moon, Phi Graphics

   The Moon was symbolic of the promised Son, the Savior, the Messiah, reflecting God's light to the world. It's diameter or distance from the Earth wasn't set by
chance or by random evolutionary luck, but precisely in position and rotation and revolution around the Earth by the King of Kings and Ruler of All Worlds. (SEE
Who made the distances)

   Therefore to understand Stonehenge, it easy if you already understand the common link between All of the Lord's Creation called the "Golden Section" or the
"Divine proportion". All great mathematicians, architects, biologists, and thinkers of all ages knew it, yet have kept it secretive from the masses until the last few
centuries. Anyway it correlates to the Lord's design of ourselves (SEE
Golden Section and the Human Body) as well as pyramids and the crustalline shape used in the
computers we are using.

    So if you see a picture of Stonehenge, you might notice Stonehenge has two outer rings of standing stones, and if you could do measurements to find out their
ratios. You would discover that the inner ring, representing the Earth's diameter is surrounded by the outer rings of stones representing the Moon circling the Earth at
a ratio of 1:1.272. And 1.272 is the square root of the "Golden Section" This is exactly the proportions of Giza and all crystal quartz that have the amazing property of
resonance or memory and are the link between not only living geometry and flat geometry but the physical and spiritual planes.

   This is why they illustrated this principle for ritualistic purposes with the use of stones placed in the ground. They, of course, wouldn't have known the full
implications of this, in their probable pagan worshiping of the Sun and Moon and Earth, for neither does it appear that they knew the true God YHWH or His true Son
Yeshua (Jesus in English) nor the true Rauch (Holy Spirit) but had simply stolen these secrets via the 'fallen angels'. (See True Science versus False Science).

  Because when it comes right down to it,"There is nothing new under the Sun, as King Solomon the wisest man on Earth said. For Creation hasn't changed since its
conception, and its laws and distances and correlations have stayed the same in perfect balance and harmony til now, until the King of Kings creates a New Heaven
and a New Earth (Rev 21:1). Any scientific or religious truth comes from the Lord of Truth (John 14:6) even though the enemy tries to steal it, twist it, and use it for
His own purposes.

   Stonehenge isn't really therefore that mysterious, neither any of the other mysteries if you know the Truth about the Lord of All Creation..

   In His Service


PS. For further correlation concerning the Fallen angels,Astronomy and the End Time,
     do check out

Written   2003


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