David Jay Jordan
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Sterilized Censored Bible
The more you study the early church and what they really believed and what they really did, the more you realize that many of
Jesus words and teachings were obliterated and censored by those after the Lord that wanted their religion accepted by the
worldly systems of their day. Therefore they sanitized the words, and sterilized the meanings so that it would be acceptable and
palatable with worldly politics and their cultures of war and power.

Mind you, the Lord gave more than sufficient in the standard Bible, or the New Revised Bible, or the English Bible so that His
people could connect up with the Lord and know the basics. Besides in the centuries and millenniums before the new
compilations of scriptures came about, many of the Lord's people just had a verse or two, a story or two, or a book or two to
derive their truths from and they were sufficient, to reinforce what their hearts and minds were telling them, in the Lord's SPIRIT.
So NO, Brethren, the new Protestant Bible of the 1850's is not every last word of God. In fact much of it has been censored, so
as to change meanings and principles if you are not discerning enough to dig deep into the Lords research and into His Spirit. The
systemized church forefathers and past leaders have changed the Lords words for their own ends of controlling the flocks of the
Lord. This they do have power and monetary gain. This no different than the political system, because they are in bed together
to control peoples lives and minds.

For come on, if you read all of the Lords direct speech and words in the Bible, it would only take you about maybe twenty
minutes if that to go over all of them. But the Lord had his physical ministry HERE of three and a half years, so where is all the
other words that the Lord said. The living word of all his WORDS would be volumes and volumes and volumes. So you have to
admit, Jesus said MORE and DID more than what has been recorded. Yes, the Lord provided and made sure the BASICS and
SUFFICIENCY are there for His sheep, but ALL is not recorded. Therefore it is irrational and illogical to limit all the Lords
principles and teachings to just the new Protestant Sanitized Sterlized English version.

Many words have been mis-translated. Many concepts mis-applied. Many books deleted. (SEE Apocrypha).  Many passages
taken out. (SEE
Missing Mark Verses) and many words deleted (SEE Revelations)

Brethren the truth is just too heavy to be put down too bluntly. Otherwise it would be casting pearls before swine and causing
more and more persecution so that the Basic Bible would never have been able to be distributed worldwide. The Lord knew what
he was doing, and gave sufficiency so that the true seekers would have to go beyond, and would have to believe by faith, and
heart and experiences, and through prayer. The WORD is not just the new protestant Bible of today and that is all. (SEE
What is

The perverted insane indoctrinated Protestants think they are holy and righteous because they say they believe the whole Bible
and nothing but the Bible. And if it is not in black and white in their sterilized Paulian translated version, then they say, it is not
the truth. This even though they do not do what the Lord told them to do. Give up EVERYTHING and follow Him to the ends
of the earth preaching the good news of the gospel of His Salvation. Do they do this. NO. They say they believe every word, but
even the basic words of going into all the world and giving up ALL, they do not do. Still they are holier than thou in saying they
believe all and try to do all, and obey all the laws of the Lord. (SEE
Worshipping the Word).

But we are suppose to know the truth, through what we have been given, and what we have studied, and what the Lord has
grounded into our hearts through prayer and what we have experienced. We have to have learned to go by FAITH and hear
directly from the Lord in a personal and intimate search for truth and guidance. No where does it say or hint that we shall be
spoon fed in black and white words written only in the new Protestant English Bible.

We can learn from the Lord's Creation, as He said. True biology and the sciences can increase our faith immensely. True History
of the early Church and their sexuality in loving one another, can be a huge boast to our Faith if our hearts are right. True
discernment of what is really happening in our present world through current events can be a tremendous inspiration to us, in
knowing we are headed in the right direction by faith and not heading down hill into oblivion like the world.

So Brethren, we have work to do and experiences to experience and FAITH to gain before we are through, and we can not limit
ourselves to the sterilized and many times censored words in the Basic Bible. But we must go back to the Faith of our real
forefathers and the real faith of the early Christians, and then go forward beyond their faith to a greater FAITH for the End Time.
For that is what is needed and that is what the Lord expects of us.